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Also includes newspaper articles, talks, contributions to college and university publications, translations, obituaries, sermons and other published pieces concerning Thomas Braun's contributions to the public life of the university and city of Oxford. Unpublished academic writings Date: Academic and other 'serious' writings which were unpublished at the time of Thomas's death in September Papers, correspondence and silk samples relating to 'The Earliest Silk in Europe' have been deposited at the Ashmolean Museum.

Letters to the press, contributions to newspapers and magazines Date: Thomas Braun's letters to the press and contributions to newspapers and magazines, including press cuttings and related correspondence:. Thomas Braun's verses for family and friends, characteristic letters and postcards, pen and paper games, rhymes, notes and drawings, drafts for informal speeches, spoofs and other informal writings in chronological order. Detailed lists of the writings, compiled by Christopher Braun, are included in Folder 2 'Index of undated writings' and Folder 4 'Thomas Braun - Index of writings I to '.

Includes many contributions to the Oxford Magazine , such as translations of German poetry and entries in the annual Christmas Competitions. Miscellaneous notes and illustrated pieces Date: A collection of notes, pen and paper games, drawings, doodles and other illustrated items compiled from Thomas Braun's papers by Christopher Braun for possible use in 'Tomfoolery':.

Material relating to the Thomas Braun anthology 'Tomfoolery' Date: Materials and correspondence relating to the anthology 'Tomfoolery: Materials relating to the translation and re- publication of Albrecht von Bernstorff, 'Des Teutschen Scholaren Glossarium in Oxford', a description of English university life and practical guide to studying in Oxford from the perspective of a German Rhodes Scholar, This collection of autographs consists of mainly letters and other documents from artists, musicians, writers and other 'celebrities' of their times addressed to members of the Braun family, mostly on Thomas Braun's father's side, over a period of about years.

Through the 19th century and during the first third of the 20th most of the family lived in Berlin, though a more distantly related branch migrated to London in the midth century. In the late s Konrad and Hildburg Braun with their son Thomas, and also Konrad Braun's brother Gerhard and his family, came to England as refugees from National Socialism, living first in Birmingham and then in the London area. Although it is clear that many of the letters were kept by their recipients because they were from well-known people, they were not all treated with care.

Only in the s have they been assembled into one collection by Christopher Braun, Thomas Braun's brother, as part of a wider sorting out and examination of family papers after Thomas Braun's death in German language letters I Date: English language letters I Date: German language letters II Date: Letters and other autographed material in German, mainly addressed to Joseph Lehmann and Felix Lehmann, which were inherited by Thomas Braun from Joan Jarosy, the widow of Felix Lehmann's grandson Ivo Jarosy from folder labelled 'Autograph letters from Thomas' collection mainly deriving from Felix Lehmann 3 ':.

English language letters II Date: Letters and other autographed material in English, mostly addressed to Thomas Braun from folder originally labelled 'Braun Autographs Part 4':. Suchergebnis

English language letters II continued Date: Letters and other autographed material in English, mostly to addressed to Thomas Braun from folder originally labelled 'Braun Autographs Part 4':. English language letters III Date: Letters and other autographed material in English, mostly addressed to Thomas Braun and to Thomas Albert Lehfeldt from folder originally labelled 'Braun Autographs Part 5':. Collections of correspondence, autographed material and memorabilia relating to 'showbiz' celebrities and writers, compiled by Christopher Braun, mostly from the papers of Anneliese and Ruth Braun.

Audio and video recordings found in the Braun Family Archive, mainly cassette tapes collected by Thomas Braun. These include audio recordings of Konrad Braun reading poems and his own texts; audio and video recordings of family events; Thomas Braun's conversations with relatives, friends and colleagues, many with references to family history, university life, and the Quakers; recordings of Thomas Braun's appearances on radio and TV programmes.

A collection of cassette tapes from Thomas Braun's house, as compiled and numbered by Christopher Braun. Includes recordings of Konrad Braun; conversations of Thomas Braun with family members, colleagues and friends about their life and family history; radio programmes featuring Thomas Braun; and other recordings of, or related to, family and friends:. For transcripts of Konrad Braun's 'Weihnachten zu Hause', c. Audio cassette transcripts; audio tapes Date: Verse and other writings by the family, ancestors and relations, as compiled by Thomas Braun and Christopher Braun from the Braun Family Archive.

Family verse and writings I Date: Family verse and writings II Date: Gerhard Braun was Konrad Braun's elder brother. By profession he was a gynaecologist but he was also a gifted pianist and a composer. In he married Anneliese Finster , known in the family as 'Pummel' or 'Puppe'. Her first marriage in was to Erwin Czapski. Due to the Friedmann-Brauns' Jewish ancestry, the family faced discrimination and persecution under the Nazi regime. Gerhard Braun, after losing his posts in the public health system and seeing his practice limited to private patients and later to Jews only, was arrested in the course of the November pogrom in and taken to Sachsenhausen concentration camp, where he was detained for five and a half weeks.

He was released in December on condition that he emigrated. The family came to England in early , where after internment as an enemy alien, Gerhard Braun was allowed to work as a junior hospital doctor in Birmingham but his health had been broken and he died, aged 53, in Anneliese and Ruth Braun eventually moved from Birmingham to London where, until Anneliese Braun's death in , they shared a house in Golders Green. Mother and daughter were extremely close, and together they were known as 'the Pummels'. Anneliese Braun, since her youth, was an amateur writer, with some of her poems and short stories published in German newspapers before Even before coming to England in , she had begun to write in English as well, and later she translated works by other writers, including Monika Mann, Ruth Tenney and Veronica Erdmann-Czapski, with whom she was friends.

She had an avid interest in spiritual movements, mysticism, and in alternative science and religion, and from the s, practised spiritual healing and transcendental meditation. Ruth Braun worked in secretarial roles and in libraries, and having attended Birmingham Theatre School as a young woman, she had a lifelong interest in drama and music. She died in on a visit to relatives in Chile.

Anneliese and Ruth Braun over the decades accumulated a large amount of papers, photographs and memorabilia in their house in Golders Green, London, which was in great disorder. When clearing the house after Ruth Braun's death in , Christopher Braun kept all papers from before and a selection of later papers. A significant proportion of this material was subsequently lost to water damage. The remaining material was sorted into categories by Christopher Braun prior to transfer to the Bodleian Library.

After further sorting, the papers are now arranged in five sequences: Correspondence; Personal papers and memorabilia; Writings; Compensation Claims, family papers and miscellaneous; Photographs. Gerhard Braun to Anneliese Braun Date: Anneliese Braun to Gerhard Braun Date: Correspondence Ruth Braun with her parents Date: Letters from Ruth Braun to her parents, c. Letters, postcards and notes exchanged between Anneliese Braun and Ruth Braun, , , , and many n. Correspondence from relatives Date: Correspondence from friends Date: German, Italian, French, Dutch Extent: Correspondence from, or relating to, friends and older connections in Germany; correspondence in other languages:.

Correspondence from, or relating to, friends in the UK, and other correspondence predominantly in English:. Correspondence from, or relating to, friends in the UK, and other correspondence predominantly in English; some correspondence in German:. Gerhard Braun personal documents and memorabilia Date: Further personal papers of Gerhard Braun, including personal documents, correspondence and memorabilia, can be found in MS. Gerhard Braun memorabilia and writings Date: For papers relating to music by Gerhard Braun, including sheet music of songs and instrumental pieces composed by him, see MS.

Anneliese Braun personal documents and memorabilia Date: Anneliese Braun spiritual life Date: Anneliese Braun diaries and memorabilia Date: Ruth Braun personal documents and memorabilia Date: Ruth Braun education and career Date: Ruth Braun juvenilia Date: Ruth Braun diaries and notebooks Date: Angelus Silesius, Zwischen den Stunden Date: Poems by Anneliese Braun, including [original] manuscripts of poems in German, c. Poems and miscellaneous writings Date: Correspondence, writings and translations by, or relating to, Ruth Tenney, including letters by Ruth Tenney to Anneliese and Ruth Braun, c.

Poems and other writings by Ruth Tenney, bound volumes: Correspondence, writings and translations by, or relating to, Monika Mann, including letters Monika Mann to Anneliese and Ruth Braun, and n. Claim forms, supporting documents and correspondence relating to compensation claims made by Anneliese Braun as legal heir of Gerhard Braun. Most correspondence with authorities and lawyers was made by Konrad Braun on behalf of Anneliese. Family papers and memorabilia Date: Verses and miscellaneous Date: Mostly family photographs, portraits, friends and relatives, travel, c.

Braun includes a descriptive list by Christopher Braun, Also includes video recordings of the performances [2 VHS tapes], and a theatre programme. Photographs of Gerhard Braun, and of Anneliese Braun, some with daughter Ruth, or relatives and friends, c. Photographs of Ruth Braun, some with Anneliese Braun, or with relatives and friends, c. Miscellaneous photographs, mostly Anneliese and Ruth Braun with relatives, friends or colleagues, birthdays and other occasions, family homes in Germany and in the UK, music and theatre performances, Maharishi and transcendental meditation, travel, c.

This material is held in cold storage conditions and one week advance notice is required for reader access. Please contact curatorial or conservation staff for details. Miscellaneous and stray items Date: Sheet music, mostly handwritten, of compositions and arrangements by family members, with related papers. Correspondence and papers of the Braun Family, including papers of Thomas Braun , classicist and Fellow and Dean of Merton College, and family history research material.

Letters to his brother Heinrich Weber regarding the sale of the family manor Gut Klosterhof, Also includes official documents regarding the tenure of the property, loans and inheritance. Postcards and letters to his son Heinrich Weber, Personal documents, including birth certificate, ; correspondence and certificates relating to the engagement and marriage with Hedwig Fink, certificates in Portuguese with German translation ; death certificate, death notice and letters of condolence, Klasse , accounts for soldiers' accommodation in Biermes dated 6 Oct , manuscript [of speech?

Finance and tax, including income tax declarations, , and bank statements, and Miscellaneous letters and cards received from family, friends and colleagues, , collected personal announcements death notices, etc. With additional notes by Thomas Braun. Bound typescript 'Zum Geburtstag von Joachim Franz Rudolf Weber am 7. With corrections and addenda dated 27 May Includes English translations by Christopher Braun of selected letters.

Portraits of members of the German community in Jassy, school and church activities, portraits of Romanian royalty, University of Jassy, landscapes, people of Romania, views of Jassy, buildings and sights in Bucharest and in the Carpathians. Letters to her husband Rudolf Weber, Letters to her son Heinrich Weber, , mainly from Woodbrooke. Includes English translations of selected letters with annotations. Manuscripts and typescripts of short stories, scripts and autobiographical sketches. Hedwig Weber memoirs, Typescript and incomplete handwritten draft.

Recipes, notes and miscellaneous papers. Includes a notebook, a pocket diary from , verse starting 'O Hyon, mein Gatte, Kartoffeln sind auf der Platte', n. Documents and correspondence relating to the death of Hedwig Weber, 29 Oct Includes death certificate, death notice, correspondence between her children Gisela Weber, Heinrich Weber and Hildburg Braun regarding the funeral and the Hedwig Weber estate 'Erbengemeinschaft Weber' , Original typescript and one set of carbon copies with illustrations drawings by Gisela Weber ; English translations of Hildburg's and Gisela's reminiscences by Christopher Braun and some photocopies of pages with notes by Thomas Braun.

Typescript 'Plaudereien aus der Kinderzeit', Gisela Weber's childhood memoirs, ; reminiscences and drawings of childhood homes in Montevideo, Jassy and Gut Klosterhof; correspondence with Thomas Braun regarding childhood memoirs. Drawings, verse and writings c. Drawings, verse and writings, and n. Letters to Hildburg and Konrad Braun, Miscellaneous correspondence received by Gisela Weber, mostly from her employer relating to her retirement in Includes 5 photographs of Gisela Weber in her office, , and cards and letters from friends and relatives, c.

Documents relating to the death of Gisela Weber, , including death notice, the funeral eulogy by Thomas Braun, and letters of condolence received by Hildburg Braun. Some papers are closed. Letters to his parents Rudolf and Hedwig Weber, , mainly Includes a copy of Hedwig Weber's will. Letters to Konrad Braun, Letters to her sister Gisela Weber, , and a copy of the first letter she wrote to her brother Heinrich Weber after the war, Nov , with transcript and English translation.

Re-used envelopes in which the letters were originally kept, captions mostly in Hildburg's hand. Some folders are closed. Birthdays, , includes poem by Christopher Braun. Letters received from Renate Ardila, Letters received from Gisela Faust, Birth announcements and wedding announcement of family and friends, c. Death announcements of family and friends, Personal documents and certificates including photocopies, and an English translation of, Hildburg Braun's birth certificate Berlin, ; Ahnenpass 'ancestor passport', official certificate of ancestry attesting Aryan lineage , c.

Also contains Saga life membership card, Documents relating to the death of Hildburg Braun in , including death notice, obituaries by Christopher Braun and Thomas Braun, and letters of condolence. Also includes psalm booklet 'Sturmpsalmen' given to Hildburg for her confirmation in Also includes correspondence relating to the 50th anniversary of graduation, , and correspondence regarding the deprivation of the degree in the s and the restitution in Also contains typescript 'Ferien in Cockermouth, 3.

Contains list of travels and holiday trips, , and some notes by Konrad Braun. Trip to Chile, Quaker conferences and tours, Correspondence, reviews and other papers relating to Hildburg Braun's translation of Linus Pauling's 'No more war': Includes a copy of the book. Articles for Quaker publications: Miscellaneous writings by Hildburg Braun including poems, verse for birthdays and other family occasions, short stories and autobiographical sketches, c.

Includes 'Notes on Quaker History', n. Set of bound copies of the memoirs: I , Vol. II , Vol. III , Vol. Bound copy of all volumes in one.

Additions 'A Brief Who's Who? Pages with corrections and annotations by Thomas Braun. Research materials and correspondence. Gardening diaries 'Garden Record Book' , Four notebooks 'Books I have read', c. Contents of folder of personal documents and other important information Hildburg Braun had kept. Im Falle meines Todes zu lesen. Also includes two British passports, and , a German passport, , and vaccination cards.

Documents related to the death of Hildburg Braun and the administration of her estate collected by Christopher Braun, Includes photocopy of the medical certificate of cause of death, certificate of notification of death, certificate of grant of administration of the estate to Christopher Braun, photocopies of Hildburg Braun's last will, Papers relating to the distribution of the estate and inheritance tax, Correspondence relating to and notifications of British pension payments for Konrad Braun and Hildburg Braun, and Correspondence and notifications relating to German pensions received by Hildburg Braun, Correspondence and notifications relating to Hildburg Braun's income tax payments, c.

Hildegard Braun's postcards and letters to Elisabeth, Bernhard, Heinrich and Bertha Lehfeldt, , , and Also contains typescript, 'Worte der Erinnerung zum Hildegard Braun memorabilia including visiting card, concert programme, , lecture notes, and Materials concerning Gertrud Friedmann-Braun's deportation to and death in a 'Sammellager' in Berlin, Dec , including letters of condolence received by Konrad Braun and Gerhard Braun.

Includes attempts to communicate with Hildegard Braun in Theresienstadt via the Red Cross, ; correspondence relating to the post-war search for Hildegard Braun, , with statutory declarations by Konrad Braun and others of their knowledge of the fate of Hildegard, Gertrud and Johannes Braun; correspondence relating to Konrad Braun's attempts to get Gertrud and Hildegard out of Germany, Also includes correspondence and statutory declarations regarding post-war compensation claims of the Birnbaum and the Schneider families. Includes three letters from Johannes Braun to Konrad Braun, ; correspondence relating to Konrad Braun's attempts to bring Johannes Braun to England, , and letters of condolence received by Konrad Braun after Johannes' death in a concentration camp near Lublin, Also contains some letters by Anneliese Braun and Ruth Braun.

Also contains verse 'Chronik April' written by Gerhard Braun for his wife Anneliese for her 38th birthday, , and 'Liste unseres Besitzes am Personal documents including birth certificate, certificates of baptism and confirmation, university certificates and certificates and references relating to his career as a medical practitioner.

Also includes a CV in English, c. School exercise books, ; school certificate 'Zeugnis der Unbescholtenheit', Documents and memorabilia relating to his military medical service career, Papers concerning Gerhard's death, including letters of condolence sent to Konrad Braun, Re-used envelopes in which letters were originally kept. Captions mostly in Konrad's hand. Letters and cards from his mother Gertrud and his sister Hildegard in Germany, Letters to Erich Levy later Loening , and photocopies. Correspondence with the Frentzel family, Includes a poem by Konrad Braun for the Frentzels' wedding, Letters from Elisabeth Stieler von Heydekampf, Correspondence with William R.

Includes enclosures such as brochures and newspaper cuttings. Letters and cards received for his 60th birthday, , and 70th birthday, Birth certificate with English translation; certificate of name change from Friedmann to Braun, ; announcement of engagement to Hildburg Weber, German passport,; German Red Cross passport, ; British Red Cross certificates, ; press pass Foreign Ministers' Conference Berlin, ; admission cards for German Reichstag, and ; handwritten card 'Im Falle eines Unfalls in case of an accident ', n.

Documents regarding the emigration, , and naturalisation, Includes medical certificate, certificate of good conduct, letters of endorsement, references, correspondence with German and British authorities, British certificate of naturalisation. Photocopies of documents relating to British internment, Also contains photocopies of articles, 'Spiritual power in internment' by Walter Zander and 'Wer sie nicht erlebt hat, der begreift sie nie.

British passports, , and Documents and correspondence regarding re-naturalisation in the Federal Republic of Germany, Childhood letters, and ; notes from travels, and ; exercise books containing school essays and Latin vocabulary, ; concert programmes, Mommsen-Gymnasium Berlin, and ; 'Bierzeitung', Mommsen-Gymnasium Berlin, ; school certificate and 'Zeugnis der Unbescholtenheit', and Documents relating to military career, , including application as war volunteer, military passport, certificates relating to Konrad Braun's imprisonment as a prisoner-of-war in France, and certificates relating to war medal, 'Eisernes Kreuz'.

Memorabilia of military service including account of time in prisoner-of-war camp in Saint Louis, France; newspaper of regimental veterans association 'Mitteilungen der kameradschaftlichen Vereinigung F. Stimmen deutscher Dichter' including poem 'Verflucht nochmal' by Konrad Braun, published Documents relating to professional career as a jurist and judge, Includes certificates, references, correspondence regarding appointment as Kammergerichtsrat judge at the superior court of Prussia , , and removal from office, Also includes photocopy of marriage certificate, Letters of condolence, June Letters of condolence, Jul Jan Konrad Braun biography and centenary, , articles in The Friend and other Quaker publications, , and related correspondence.

Also includes an account of Konrad Braun's life by Thomas Braun, Includes a printed copy of the lecture. An Historical Survey', Woodbrooke College, Notes, newsletters and correspondence relating to the United Nations Association and the Friends Peace and International Relations Committee, Translation of essay by Douglas V. Religious talks and talks for Quaker meetings for worships, Religious talks and talks for Quaker meetings for worships, and n. Correspondence with the BBC, accounting of fees and some notes, Includes list of lectures, BBC radio scripts for German religious programme lectures.

Newspaper cuttings of articles mentioning Konrad Braun, and n. Miscellaneous writing and verse, including Konrad Braun's poems for Hildburg Braun and other family members, , mostly in German, some transcribed and translated by Thomas Braun: Eine Plauderei zum 6. Nov ', 'Angelus Silesius', review of F.

Also includes envelope, 'Allerlei Erinnerungen', containing miscellaneous memorabilia lists 'Summer Holidays ', 'Journeys since our marriage ', 'Reminiscences', picture of S. Diary, Aug Feb , in German. Pocket diaries, and Notebook 'German Literature', notebook containing A-Z notes on international politics and a notebook containing miscellaneous lecture notes, n.

Miscellaneous loose notes ' on'. Includes lists of bank assets, stocks and bonds, household effects etc. Also includes a letter by Gisela Weber about choosing a German lawyer to represent the claims, V, Amsterdam, starting Includes account statements, correspondence with the bank, and notes in Felix Friedmann-Braun's and Konrad Braun's hand, In eigener Person erlittener Schaden. Includes copies of claim forms, information about Konrad Braun's career and earnings as judge in Berlin before and as warden of Woodbrooke College from ; about the Brauns' bank assets; lists of household effects at Spessartstrasse 5, Berlin; correspondence with Gerhard Rose relating to a Chinese carpet.

Dez ' — Folder 1 continued, Dec —Sep Also includes newspaper cuttings in English relating to settlement of compensation claims in Germany, Korrespondenz mit Finanzamt bis ' — Tax records and correspondence with Berlin tax office, Also includes a letter from Hildegard Braun about dissolving Konrad Braun's Berlin household and managing his financial matters in Germany after his emigration to England, Also includes copy of Gerhard Braun's last will and testament, From Bootham School, York, Aug Contains some letters to Christopher Braun, Also includes lists and maps of travels to Europe, , and copy of the Bootham school magazine, May , containing article 'Travels in Greece' by Thomas Braun.

Includes letters and postcards from journey to Turkey, Jul-Aug Includes one letter from Letters from Merton College, Oxford, Birthday cards and invitations, and n. Letters from Bootham School, York, Letters from Bootham School, York, Aug Includes letters from travels. Letters from travels and from St. John's College, Cambridge, Jul John's College, Cambridge, from travels and from London, Letters and cards, Includes some letters from Anne-Marie Braun. Letters of introduction and endorsement, letter of thanks to hosts in Pendle Hill, Aug , typescript of travel diary 'America ', report on the travels in German, itinerary of Greyhound Tour' notes on places visited, travel itineraries and 'Quaker contacts on the other side of the Atlantic'.

Also includes Canadian Pacific 'Empress of England' printed passenger list and dinner menus. Konrad Braun's notebook from their journey to USA, Conference pack containing conference programme, lists of participants, conference newspaper 'The Earthquaker', songbook, Konrad Braun's name tag; correspondence, travel arrangements, brochures and memorabilia of places visited. Konrad and Hildburg Braun's conference diaries and notebooks. Magazine and newspaper cuttings about the conference, mostly Quaker publications. Letters relating to the Brauns' Quaker membership concerning admission to Warwickshire Monthly Meeting, , and Konrad Braun's appointment as Elder, Notes and correspondence relating to the Brauns' employment at Woodbrooke salary, insurances, superannuation scheme etc.

Also includes first invitation to Woodbrooke, , and a list of loans and gifts regarding the furnishing of Holland House, c. Correspondence and articles by and about Margaret Worsdell and her memoirs. Old Woodbrookers Reunions, c. Woodbrooke and Jordans memorabilia such as course attendants lists, ; Woodbrooke prospectus, n. Notes and correspondence relating to Old Jordans Hostel Appeal, Correspondence 'Income Tax '; receipts for church tax payments in Germany, Notebooks 'Bank accounts', Notebooks 'Bank accounts', ; 'Share record', Letters received from family and friends, Childhood verse, letters and drawings, c.

Correspondence relating to university grants for Christopher Braun, Thomas Braun's family research notes and drafts for family trees relating to different branches of the family, including: Miscellaneous material and notes relating to Thomas Braun's family history research, n. Bibliographical notes relating to Thomas Braun's family history research. Includes publishers' catalogues, and Bodleian Library order slips from a folder 'Books by or about family'. Miscellaneous literature, mostly photocopies, on Jewish history and culture in Germany and Central Europe, Jewish-German language, and biographies, with annotations and general notes by Thomas Braun.

Includes photocopy of the manuscript and correspondence with Geheimes Staatsarchiv Preussischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin, Strauss and Kurt R. Lothar Stiehm Verlag, , pp. Entstehung und Geschichte Stuttgart: Geschichte und Kultur der Juden in Glogau Hildesheim: September ; special issue stamp 'Leo Baeck'. Kauffmann, 2 Bound photocopies of Kaufmann, David, ed.

Vorwort und Register Frankfurt am Main: Kauffmann, 3 Feilchenfeld, Alfred, ed. Ihr Leben und ihre Erinnerungen Berlin: Lebenserinnerungen Berlin, 9 Bound photocopies of Loewe, Heinrich, ed. Erster Band Stuttgart and Berlin: Zweiter Band Stuttgart and Berlin: Schluss- Band Berlin: Family Letters Jerusalem, Includes letter by the author.

Text and Indexes Copenhagen: Limes Verlag, - amended version of 1. Semper, 4 Lehfeldt, Walburg, Neues Leben: Huck, 3 Leuner, H. Jewish Refugee in Birmingham Warley: Ein Beitrag zur Berliner Bildnismalerei des Arani Verlags-GmbH, 11 Two brochures: Ein Geleitwort zur Feier ihrer Wiederherstellung 3.

August , ; and Norden, Eduard, Heldenehrungen: Was with printed books, connection to Braun family unknown. Family trees, drafts and biographical notes relating to paternal ancestors, mostly the Lehmann-Lehfeldt family. Includes photos of tombstones, translations of epitaphs in Hebrew, literature on Jewish cemeteries in Prague. See also plaster casts from grave stones in MS. Includes photos of tombstones, translations of epitaphs in Hebrew and correspondence regarding the grave of Gertrud Friedmann-Braun at the Berlin Stahnsdorf cemetery.

Includes translations of epitaphs in Hebrew, and literature on Jewish families and cemeteries in Vienna. Includes photocopy of an account of Konrad Braun's biography by Thomas Braun, Samuel Friedmann's will, , with a scheme of distribution of the estate. Materials relating to Ilse Rosenthal-Schneider. Notes, family tree drafts and research material relating to the Veit family history. Briefe der Familie von Joseph Veit , c.

Includes an original letter from Philipp Veit to his nieces, n. With some notes in Konrad Braun's hand. Handwritten document relating to the distribution of the estate of Philipp Julius Veit and David Veit, listing outstanding debts and obligations, Thomas Braun's correspondence relating to Veit family history, c. Bulletin des Leo Baeck Instituts , 19, Includes transcript of a letter by Moritz Veit, Includes article by Theodor Zondek, 'Dr. Bulletin des Leo Baeck Instituts , 52, Eine Gestalt aus der Emanzipationszeit'.

Bulletin of the Hegel Society of Great Britain , 36, Biographical notes, documents and memorabilia relating to Joseph Lehmann Januar ' poem by M. Also includes a photograph and a transcript of a certificate of honorary citizenship for Joseph Lehmann, Gross-Glogau ; photocopy and transcript of a letter by Joseph Lehmann to Theodor August Veit Simon, ; certificate from Jacob Lackenbacher to his brother Bernhard Lackenbacher's wife Therese Lehmann relating to the Jewish ritual of Chaliza, Vienna, Folder 2: Photocopies and transcripts by Thomas Braun of a selection of letters from and to Lehmann family members, mostly Joseph Lehmann and Felix Lehmann , Materials and correspondence relating to Lehmann family members: Lehfeldt family letters, n.

Also includes unidentified photocopies of Lehfeldt letters found with Thomas Braun's family history research material. Includes sketches and letters from Paul Meyerheim to Clara Lehfeldt, c. Lehfeldt family letters, c. Also includes Bernhard Lehfeldt's obituary, Passport of Heinrich Jacoby, Luise Lehfeldt's father, Berlin, ; pages from the diary of Luise Jacoby, later Lehfeldt, , with transcript, English translation by Hildburg Braun with annotations by Thomas Braun; pages from Luise Jacoby's autograph book with verses by her friends, c.

Personal documents and memorabilia relating to Joseph Lehfeldt and Luise Lehfeldt. Includes announcement of foundation stone ceremony for the Lehfeldt residence, ; Joseph Lehfeldt's death announcement, ; and an original file with documents relating to the administration of Joseph Lehfeldt's estate, Also includes invitations, tickets and programmes for concerts, s, and pages from an autograph book, , probably relating to Joseph Lehfeldt.

Publications by, or relating to, Leonhard Lehfeldt. Includes publications by Leonhard Lehfeldt relating to Alsace-Lorraine: Brief an den Geheimen Ober-Hofrath Dr. Materials relating to 'Zwanglose Gesellschaft', Berlin, a literary society Paul Lehfeldt was a member of, Correspondence and memorabilia relating to various Lehfeldt family members, and n. Found with the Lehfeldt papers but relation to family unclear. Writings by Bernhard Lehfeldt. Photocopies of an English visitor's account of the Lehfeldt's estate in Powodowo Lehfelde , Photos found with the general Lehfeldt material, s Photos used for the new edition of the Lehmann-Lehfeldt Familienchronik, s Notes, photocopies and correspondence by Thomas Braun relating to Paul Meyerheim and his paintings, c Juli ' found with the Meyerheim material but probably unrelated.

Photographs from the Meyerheims' travels, Bound photocopies of book by Paul Meyerheim 'Adolf von Menzel. Erinnerungen von Paul Meyerheim', Berlin, Book with dedication to Thomas Braun by his brother Christopher Braun, , and ex libris. Mastercopy pages with photographs. New edition of Lehmann-Lehfeldt chronicles by Thomas Braun, Version in one volume. New edition of Lehmann-Lehfeldt family chronicles by Thomas Braun, Version in two volumes with photographs. Family tree notes and drafts. Also includes photocopies of maps of Glogau and Berlin used for the new edition of the family chronicles.

Fraenkel und Rahel Fraenkel geb. Bamberger', 'Hanne Angel negatives'. Reproductions of old family photographs. Family trees and biographical notes about the English Lehfeldts, mostly in Thomas Braun's hand. A collection of personal documents and memorabilia relating to the English Lehfeldts, the Harrison family and the Browne family, c. Also includes some notes on family history, probably in Thomas Albert Lehfeldt's hand. Personal documents and memorabilia relating to Thomas Albert Lehfeldt, including his passport, ; his last will, ; notes on his career and on family history; notebook 'Inventory of Netteswell House, June ; a report on the effects of German air raids on the Bethnal Green Museum, ; newspaper cuttings; a printed booklet 'The Stodmarsh Plaster Panels', ; and some drawings by Thomas Albert Lehfeldt.

Photocopies of photographs relating to the English Lehfeldts, with notes in Thomas Braun's hand. Book 'Money' by R. With a dedication 'T. Lehfeldt from the Author, 1 March Miscellaneous memorabilia relating to Maria Jane Lehfeldt's career as a pianist and music teacher, including a visiting card stating terms of private music lessons, n.

Also includes an 'English Lehfeldts' family tree. Later notes and additions in various hands. Includes some drawings and original documents silhouette of Amtshauptmann Weber, Heinrich Weber's lieutenant's licenses, and , Ludendorff family tree, Lobeck family tree, Mathilde Pries's death announcement, , L. Weber's death announcement, Large Weber family tree, blueprint with annotations, c. Saniter family, including 'Stammtafel der Familie Saniter', , compiled by Postrat a.

Nizze, 'Stammtafel der Familie Sanniter auch Saniter ', n. Photocopies from 18th and 19th century church registers in Berlin relating to baptisms, marriages and deaths of various ancestors and relatives. Biographies of ancestors and relatives collected by Henrich Weber: Includes photocopy of one page of the account book showing original size and handwriting. Joachim Christoph Bernhard Weber's correspondence, letters received , Joachim Christoph Bernhard Weber's correspondence and memorabilia.

Correspondence and other memorabilia of various Weber ancestors including: Weber, , copy of Hamburger Tageblatt , Juli , documents relating to the engagement and marriage of Joachim Bernhard Weber to Anna Sophie Busse, , letter praising Anna [? Weber to Onkel Wilhelm, and Labels and lists in Heinrich Weber's hand. Die Vorfahren der Henriette Busse geb. Biographical notes on various ancestors and relatives.

Miscellaneous notes and drafts. Miscellaneous collected material including death announcements, the Weber coat of arms, bibliographical notes and photocopies from publications about regional history and genealogy, photocopies of Reuter genealogical table. Drafts and notes for 'Das Weberschiffchen' , 6, 7.

Drafts and notes for Weber family trees; photocopies of pages from 'Revaler Ahnentafeln' by F. Wassermann, , relevant to Weber ancestors. Publications photocopies and originals including: Photocopies of English editions of Fritz Reuter writings: Newspaper cuttings relating to Fritz Reuter including 'Fritz Reuter als politischer Gefangener von ' in Rostocker Illustrierte , photocopies n. Also includes photocopies and transcripts of letters by, and relating to, Fritz Reuter and Amtshauptmann Weber; photographs of Schloss Stavenhagen, c.

Newsletters and publications by Fritz-Reuter-Gesellschaft, including invitations and programmes for conferences, and various issues of the members' journal 'Mitteilungen der Fritz-Reuter-Gesellschaft e. Notes, correspondence and collected materials relating to the Fink family, including: Notes, correspondence and collected materials relating to the Zeller family, including: Autograph book 'Denkmal der Freundschaft, W.

Handwritten prayer book belonging to Christian David Busse, Busse Christian David Collected material relating to the Saniter family history, including: Also includes a photocopy of a letter from Gisela Weber to Thomas Braun, , with a photo and a drawing of 'Villa Viola', the 19th century Saniter family estate in Rostock. Saniter family trees, notes and drafts. Includes letter to Thomas on travels in Germany, Jul-Aug Includes some letters by Christopher Braun.

Letters from Christopher Braun and family. Christopher Braun's childhood letters, ; letters from Bootham School, York, ; from St. John's College, Cambridge, ; from London, onwards. Includes email correspondence about the story of a Steinway piano in the possession of the Braun Family, Letters of condolence on the death of Konrad Braun, addressed to Thomas Braun, A collection of autobiographical letters by Thomas Braun and correspondence relating to the Braun family history and background, including family anecdotes and genealogical information, Also includes correspondence relating to Thomas Braun's attendance at the official 50th anniversary commemoration of the 20th July Stauffenberg plot, in which Albrecht Krause, a maternal cousin of Thomas Braun, was involved, Recollections - an unfinished manuscript.

Correspondence with members of the Lehfeldt family. Correspondence with Hans Lehfeldt in New York, Includes material relating to Hans Lehfeldt's family history research in the US, and articles and newspaper cuttings relating to his work as a sexologist. Correspondence with the English branch of the Lehfeldt family 'English Lehfeldts'. Correspondence with and about Gerhard Rose, a friend of Konrad Braun, Includes material about Rose's role as a physician and professor of tropical medicine at the Robert-Koch-Institut, Berlin, during the Nazi regime, his conviction at the Nuremberg trials, , of abusing concentration camp prisoners for human experimentation, and the acquittal, Also includes a copy of the book 'Der Fall Rose.

Correspondence with research institutions, such as museums and archives, and historians and genealogists relating to family history. Lucas, ; Mendelssohn-Gesellschaft e. Letters from Anne Charvet, and ; correspondence with Pamela Clarkson, Correspondence with and about Peggy-Lou Martin, , including many postcards, n. Correspondence with Comte de Lalanne-Mirrlees, ; letters by Rosa Edwards, and , also including a copy of her memoirs 'Sunshine and Shadow. With Jordans Village Ltd, Forestry Commission and others relating to preservation and replanting of trees in the grounds of Jordans Meeting House, Beaconsfield, Includes photocopies of older correspondence, reports and maps for reference, and notes and drafts on tree population around the Quaker Meeting House in Jordans.

With the Warden, the librarian and other members of staff of Woodbrooke College, Selly Oak, about books, manuscripts and artefacts in the possession of the college 'Woodbrooke Treasures' ; Thomas Braun's advice relating to authenticity of the objects, preservation, possible display etc. Also includes notes, translations and photocopies relating to the 'Woodbrooke Treasures'.

Correspondence and associated papers relating to Thomas Braun's involvement with city planning and preservation, and the Oxford Civic Society, Correspondence and associated papers relating to Merton College's Grove House, especially the re-development of Grove House garden, and Postmasters' Yard, Includes architectural and historical notes on Grove House, floor plans, architectural drawings of proposed buildings etc.

Correspondence and notes relating to parties, , mostly guest lists, letters of acceptance and apologies. Correspondence with and material relating to Stephen Medcalf. Miscellaneous correspondence, topics including the Braun family's relations with Quakers, travel, references, visits and publications, sorted chronologically, and n. Miscellaneous correspondence, sorted chronologically, British National Identity Card, ; British passports, , , , , , , ; German passport, ; provisional driving licences, and ; National Trust membership card, Bound notebook originally titled 'Thomas Tagebuch' with entries by Hildburg Braun about Thomas Braun as a baby and toddler, Nov Feb ; envelope 'Thomas' erster Zahn' containing two milk teeth.

Drawings, collages and other childhood art, c. Also contains a hand-drawn map of Jordans, Beaconsfield, dated Childhood cards and letters, c. Childhood writings including notes, verse, short stories, poems, plays, c. Correspondence and notes relating to the Rosicrucian Order, including a mock application and a 6-page refutation of Rosicrucian claims, ; miscellaneous notes and papers, including records of a chess tournament, , a contract between friends about sharing the prize of a Ryvita competition, ; drawings. Papers relating to early school career, including: Papers relating to Thomas's time at Bootham School, York, including: Also includes Bootham School Annual Reports , , , ; school timetables.

Papers relating to National Service, including: Lists and maps of travel destinations, c. Reports, diaries and notes relating to travels to Germany , Greece and , Italy , Turkey , Yugoslavia , Jordan and Egypt ; postcards and letters from travels, ticket stubs and membership cards. Diaries, notes, correspondence and memorabilia relating to travels in India, Notes, diaries, itineraries, correspondence and memorabilia relating to travels to China and the Silk Road ; Tyrol ; Turkey ; Channel Islands ; Tibet 'Roof of the World' tour ; Italy Correspondence and reports relating to Thomas Braun's treatment at Warneford Hospital, Oxford, Oct Jan ; correspondence, notes and reports relating to his treatment at Littlemore Hospital, Oxford, Jan-Feb ; correspondence relating to various medical conditions and treatments, ; certificates of vaccination, ; Organ Donor Card, Miscellaneous papers relating to finance and insurance in the s and s, including student insurance policies, bank savings books, cash account notebooks, and Lists and notes, n.

Avestan ; lists and notes on European and world history lists of Roman emperors, Biblical dynasties, European kings and emperors, presidents of the United States, British Prime Ministers, Popes etc. Braun Rough Notes ': Pocket diaries , , , , including entries from voluntary work in Greece , including entries from travels in Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia ; University of Oxford academic pocket diary, Also contains a notebook 'Diary, Thomas Braun, Jan-Aug ' including entries from travel to France, and loose pages of a diary with entries relating to service at Friends Ambulance Unit, probably Dec Feb Pocket diaries , , , ; University of Leicester pocket diary ; desk diaries , , Pocket diary with some autobiographical entries, Jan-Mar.

March 2, ', 'Germany: Addresses Thursday, 07 June '; 'Emails '; 'Christmas ' and 'Card sent, December ' listing correspondents. Also includes some theatre tickets. Concert and opera programmes, c. Also includes some related ticket stubs and press reviews. Miscellaneous event programmes, tickets, exhibition guides etc.

New PDF release: Nach Albanien, Karl!: Eine andere Reise in das Jahr 1914

Papers relating to undergraduate studies at Balliol College, Oxford, Includes correspondence relating to scholarships, early release from National Service and admission to Balliol College; notes, correspondence and newspaper cuttings relating to university examinations Moderations , Greats ; university certificates, such as certificate of matriculation, , and degree certificate Bachelor of Arts, ; Balliol College memorabilia, such as exercise book 'Freshmen's Essays Michaelmas Thomas F. Also includes handwritten list by Konrad Braun 'Awards acquired by Thomas' listing Thomas Braun's scholarships, prizes and awards, Includes correspondence about postgraduate scholarships and applications for junior research fellowships, references, applications for lectureships; degree certificate 'Master of Arts', ; correspondence relating to employment as Assistant Lecturer at University of Leicester, ; notes and correspondence relating to application and election as tutor and fellow of Merton College, Related Material Essays, lecture notes and other material relating to Thomas Braun's undergraduate studies at Balliol College, Oxford, including papers relating to the Arnold and Brackenbury Society and to the Balliol Players, were deposited at Balliol College Archive.

Correspondence with John Roberts, Warden of Merton College, relating to leave and absence from college, ; correspondence relating to sabbatical leave, ; correspondence and forms relating to professional appraisal, ; list of Thomas Braun's publications, ; correspondence and drafts relating to proposed research and publications, and , also including lecture notes 'Slavery and Slavery Revolts', n. Correspondence, mostly with Robert Gildea, Senior Tutor, and Jessica Rawson, Warden of Merton College, relating to Thomas Braun's tutorial work and teaching activities, ; sabbatical leave; re-appointment to Tutorial Fellowship ; appointment to Senior Research Fellowship, ; 'Selbstverteidigung' - compilation of letters from former students relating to quality of tutorial work submitted by Thomas Braun to the Sub-warden of Merton College, ; professional appraisal, ; list of publications and proposed research, Also includes lecture questionnaires with students' comments on Thomas Braun's performance as a lecturer, c.

Examiner and Chairman of Examiners, and ; correspondence and miscellaneous papers relating to academic matters and university life, ; notes and doodles made during tutorials, n. A detailed list of the writings, compiled by Christopher Braun, is included in Folder 1. Various versions of the paper, with corrections and associated correspondence, Originally intended to be published in English Literature in Transition , Garrod , Fellow of Merton College ', obituary, n. Occasional writings by Thomas Braun '. Letters to the press, , published and unpublished, with associated drafts and correspondence.

Berichte aus Dormagener Schulchroniken: World War, -- Children. Oktober bis zum Januar ; Feldpostbriefe eines freiwilligen Feldpredigers Liegnitz Krumbhaar 81 9. Januar bis November ; Feldpostbriefe eines freiwilligen Feldpredigers Liegnitz Krumbhaar 9. Daniel de Wolff] Feldzug Mai bis Praun Praun, Albert [Hella Praun hrsg. Praun Prember, Alfred Das dachte ich nicht: Fliegerabteilung 23 "Lichtbild"; Guise, St. Radtke beschreibt die am Kriegserinnerungen eines Frontsoldaten Regensburg Selbstverlag August zum bayer. Welke schweren Artillerie Reese, Hermann Kriegsgefangen! Unter Woyrsch durch Polen und Galizien.

Mit einem Vorwort von H. Armee; Russland; Krankenschwester Ringelnatz, Joachim [pseud. Ringena, Anton Mit der Haubitze im Westen: Aus meinem Soldaten- und Kriegsleben im I. Walter Rispeter] Stahlbad anno Vom Heldentum im Alpenkrieg. Siebeck 1. Leutnant Gotthold von Rohden; 2.

Athena Press Translation of Infanterie greift an. Mit Hurra drauf und durch.

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Die Korrespondenz mit den Eltern Freiburg i. So sah ich den Krieg Leipzig A. Kompanie Infanterie-Regiment "Kaiser Friedrich" 7. Im Feldzuge Erlebtes u. Willmy 94 Rummel, Walter von Das erste Jahr: Ein Kriegsbuch um Aisne u.

WW2 - OverSimplified (Part 1)

Winterberg Karlsbad-Drahowitz Kraft 9. Kronprinz Rupprecht von Bayern. Ein Frontbericht Jena Diederichs Roman. August verwundet; zur Pionier-Komp. Untergang und Kriegsgefangenschaft Schacht, Otto [hrsg. Aus den Kriegserinnerungen des unbekannten Soldaten Schwenningen a. Der feurige Weg Frankfurt a. Diesterweg 31 Schauwecker, Franz Endkampf gedeelte uit: Aufbruch der Nation Frankfurt a.

Diesterweg 64 Schauwecker, Franz Im Todesrachen: Die deutsche Seele im Weltkriege Halle a. Saale Diekmann Overdenkingen en bespiegelingen. Geen feitelijke informatie over plaats, tijd, eenheid Schauwecker, Franz Weltgericht Halle a. Die deutsche Seele im Weltkriege [Originally published under title: Briefe und Betrachtungen eines Arztes Norhausen a. Hornickel Scheele, Meta Frauen im Krieg. Andermann Scherer, Wingolf hrsg. Wandel - Die verstummte Begeisterung, Flandern Marineinfanterie-Division Schicht, Arthur [hrsg. Oskar Haering] Ein Held der Garde: Kriegserlebnisse des renitenten Pfarrers Rudolf Schlunck.

Feldpostbriefe aus dem 1. Leipzig Schlag Feldartillerie-Regt. Ferme de Marenil; Nouvron; Epagny u. Deutsche Ausgabe der Lettres d'un soldat. Anonym erschienen [Lemercier, Eugene-Emmanuel]. Sommer im Kriegsministerium Schoenenberg, H. Stuttgart Union Deutsche Verlagsanst. Yser , Somme und Frankreich Das Seelenleben des Soldaten an der Front.

Weltkrieg in Angriff und Verteidigung. Gisela Meyer] Quem ad finem?: Meine Erlebnisse auf dem Vormarsch der I. Soldatenpost und Heimatbriefe aus zwei Weltkriegen: Redigiert und kommentiert von J. Schicksale eines deutschen Kriegsgefangenen. Schwarz, Engelbrecht Frauen in Przemysl: Von der Donau zur Maas.

Wie er den Krieg sah Berlin Schlieffen-Verl. Langes Sittner, Georg Freud und Leid. Schilderungen aus dem Weltkriege Berlin Meidinger's Jugendschr. Kriegs-Erinnerungen eines deutschen Soldaten. Sonnenthal] Ein Frauenschicksal im Kriege. Breisgau Herder Kompanie Spengler, Wilhelm Sechs aus einem Dorf. Neue Kriegserlebnisse Freiburg i. Published in under title: Das Graue Frontbuch Band 2. Evelyn Hemmerich] Heute nach vorn: Weltkrieg General der Artillerie 2. So war der Krieg. Ein Buch der Front [auch: Nicht das Soldatische sondern das rein Menschliche ist immer in den Vordergrund gestellt.

Legende und Wirklichkeit Darmstadt E. Roether Originally presented as the author's thesis M. Bilder aus Ostpreussens Leidenszeit. Auf den Spuren Hindenburgscher Verwaltung. Erlebnisse und Ergebnisse einer Studienfahrt in Ob. Gefangenschaft nach Italien u. Stuckmann, Willy [hrsg Sichelschmidt, R. Aus dem Leben eines jungen Mannes. Sutter, Berthold Der sterbende Krieg. Roman Leipzig Grunow Tannenbaum, Eugen [hrsg. Buttlar Brandenfels, Horst Frhr.

Oberleutnant in der Res. Braunbeck World War, -- Aerial operations. Udet, Ernst Ace of the Iron Cross. Edited by Stanley M. Translated by Richard K. Doubleday Air combat classics. Translation of Mein Fliegerleben. Briefe, Skizzen und Gedichte aus d. Macartney New York A. Knopf Personal narratives, German. Verdun, Battle of, Unruh, Fritz von Opfergang Frankfurt a. Reiss anti-oorlogsboek over een Sturmkompagnie vor Verdun voorjaar Unruh was oorlogsvrijwilliger en raakte in zwaar gewond.

Was compagnies- en bataljons-commandant Utsch, Stefan Todesurteil in Tours Valentiner, Max Der Schrecken der Meere. Der Weltkrieg, wie ich ihn sah Minden i. Vestenhof, August von Hie Habsburg! By Hein Fitbom [pseud. Felix verbreekt de relatie en Alf meldt zich als oorlogsvrijwilliger en sneuvelt. Reaktie op mislukte revolutie en vrede Vogel, Johannes, Hofprediger Dr. Mein sibirisch-kaukasisches Abenteuerbuch ook: Korn Anhang: Berlin Spaeth Roman. Agentur Personal narratives, German. Kriegserinnerungen Dresden Alwin Huhle Verlagsbuchh.

Kriegsministerium Waldeck, Karl [hrsg. Ziel erkannt, Kraft gespannt. Schilderungen jugendlicher Kriegsfreiwilliger aus d. Die beiden letzten Jahre. Die Verbrechen der Stunde: Der Weg ohne Heimkehr. Wehner, Josef Magnus Sieben vor Verdun. Weickhmann Berlin Als Handschrift gedruckt P.

Berlin Scherl Campaigns -- Africa. Kriegserinnerungen von Hans Wichelhaus, Leutnant der Reserve im 2. Manfred Schollmeyer] Der Erste Weltkrieg Aufzeichnungen eines Leutnants im bayr. Die Erlebnisse zweier Kriegsfreiwilliger im Weltkriege ; Zugleich 2.

Nitzsche 1. Diese Chronik schrieb d. Brigade ; Oberquartiermeister 7. London Methuen Translation of selections from Kriegsbriefe gefallener Studenten. Niemeyer Correspondence. Wittek, Erhard Durchbruch anno achtzehn. Anna Woebcken] Im Westen. Theodor Wolff, der Chronist: Das Grab der Welt. Luftfahr-wesens Zeising, W. Herausgegeben vom Sekretariat Sozialer Studentenarbeit. Die Mannschaft] Berlin Buchh.

Kriegserinnerungen von Felddivisionspfarrer der Eine Frontgeschichte aus dem Jahre Soldaten, Kameraden! Das Recht auf den Sieg, 2. Krieg und Kind, 4. Das Leid um Gefallenen, 5. Arzt in Damme, vom 2. Naar het Duitsch bewerkt door M. Diary , Letters , Memoirs , Novel. Free text search Search for: Dauerfeuer Franz Seldte — Fronterlebnis Volume 1: Feldpost von Hans Hohmeister M. Proudly powered by WordPress. With the Turks in Palestine ]. Mit dem Regiment Hamburg in Frankreich An der Somme Regiment Hamburg in Frankreich ; Infanterie-Regiment War ein deutscher evangelisch-Lutherischer Pfarrer.

A German deserter's war experience. Die Nerven der Armee: Unser Vormarsch bis zur Marne: Was ich in mehr als 80 Schlachten und Gefechten erlebte: Meldet sich als Freiwilliger. Nach Sibirien mit hunderttausend Deutschen. Vier Monate russische Kriegsgefangenschaft. Mit 15 Jahren an die Front. Meine Erlebnisse in dem furchtbaren Weltkriege Franz Arneitz im Kriegsdienst in der k. Hilfskreuzer "Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse".

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Das kriegerische Frankreich ; Erlebnisse und Betrachtungen. Das Tagebuch eines Begeisterten. Revised version of the author's Erdarbeiter, first published: Von Front zu Front. In Flandern reitet der Tod: Von Gas, Granaten und Soldaten. Kriegserlebnisse eines im Felde Erblindeten.

August bei Anloy und Neufchateau. Als Pionier in Frankreich. Mit dem Hauptquartier nach Westen. Infanterie-Brigade mit durchlebt habe. Das Jugendbuch vom Weltkrieg. Mit dem Sieger von Longwy. Jagd in Flanderns Himmel. Aus den sechzehn Kampfmonaten des Jagdgeschwaders Freiherr von Richthofen. Vogesen, Arras, Verdun, St. Arthur Boer survived almost four years of continual fighting on both the Eastern and Western fronts as a sapper.

Es blitzt im Ost -: Adjutant im Preussischen Kriegsministerium: Mein Tagebuch [oder zum Themenportal]. Braner aus Heerfelden, in die Schweiz ausgetauscht im Mai Kriegsgefangenschaft; Arts die aan het begin van de oorlog in Marseille gevangen genomen wordt tijdens doorreis van Spanje naar Genua en daar tot eind gevangen blijft.

Erlebnissen und Ernnerungen Anton Breitung, Major a. Unsere Schlesier in Frankreich. Die "Freude am Krieg fehlte mir jemals": Gegen Willen auf weiter Fahrt. The diary of a German soldier, by Feldwebel Cfirst sergeant 88th infantry, 21 division, 18th army corps. Die Befreiung von Livland und Estland: Erinnerungen an die Kampftage bei Barleux Somme , Durch Front und Feuer: Kriegsfahrten eines deutschen Jungen ; Mit Zeichnungen des Verfassers. Generalfeldmarschall von Woyrsch und seine Schlesier: Erschautes und Erlauschtes aus der deutschen Kriegszentrale.

Meine elf Wochen Grenzbesetzung. Journal d'un officier saxon I. Durch Blut und Eisen. Vier Jahre Westfront aus dem Rundblick eines Artilleristen. Quellen zur Geschichte des Parlamentarismus und der politischen Parteien. Germany's last knight of the air: Zwischen Volk und Menschheit, Kriegstagebuch. Leutnant Pierre Desgranges vom 2. Von bis zum Waffenstillstand unter deutscher Flagge im unerforschten Innern von Neuguinea.

Wie wir uns zur Fahne durchschlugen: Erlebnisse von Auslandsdeutschen und Seeleuten im Weltkrieg. Dreieinhalb Jahre in Frankreich als Neffe des Kaisers. Gefangenen-Erinnerungen von Hauptmann Hans Dietlof. Briefe aus dem Felde: Seekrieg; 9 Bildern d. Lazarettbilder aus dem ersten Jahr des Weltkriegs. Mit Jildirim ins Heilige Land: Im Lager von Sidi Bishr: Vom inneren Gesicht des Krieges: Kriegserlebnisse im Herbst in Frankreich [Sonderdruck aus: Kriegserinnerungen ; Aus d.

Vom mutigen Leben und tapferen Sterben. Berichte aus dem Felde. Heft 3, An der deutschen Front in Flandern im November Heft 4, Auf dem italienischen Kriegsschauplatz im Januar Links-radikale opvattingen; Dezember bis Oktober Zum Landsturm nach Belgien und Nord-Frankreich. So schossen wir nach Paris: Mit den Deutschen Heeren. Kriegsberichte eines Amerikaners Emmichs Tagebuch [4 Hefte]. Von den Kordilleren zur deutschen Front: Aus dem Tagebuch eines Frontoffiziers,. Die Brandfackel des Krieges leuchtet durch die Nacht. Frontalltag in den Vogesen und vor Verdun Kriegsgefangen im Westen; Nach dem Tagebuch eines Gefangenen der Geschichten von deutscher Art [serie: Verwundet April ; bayr.

Sturm ; Sieben Tage deutsches Schicksal. Zug der Letzten; ein Tatsachenbericht aus dem Weltkrieg. Gespenster am Toten Mann. Besorgt von Hellmuth Langenbucher. Im Orkan der Sommeschlacht: Viel Feind, viel Ehr. Per auto naar het front: Kriegstagebuch - [ Aus den Briefen von Ludwig Finke. In Tschako und Stahlhelm. Eine Auswahl aus den Kriegsbriefen von Walter Flex.

Der Luftkrieg ; unter Verwendung von Feldpostbriefen und Berichten von Augenzeugen, dargestellt von einem Flugtechniker. Online digitaal aanwezig in bestand Staatsbibliothek Berlin. Der Mensch ist gut. Im Paprikazuge von Danzig zum Schwarzen Meer: Kampf und Sieg an der Westfront: Schilderungen und Erlebnisse aus meinem Kriegstagebuch. Aus dem Tagebuche des deutschen Gardegrenadiers Eduard von Rohden. Ernste und heitere Erlebnisse. Reise zur deutschen Front Bei den Heeresgruppen Hindenburg und Mackensen.

Mit den deutschen Truppen in der Ukraine: Auszug aus dem Kriegstagebuch von Otto Gerhard, Lt. The story of the escape of German prisoners of war who had been captured by the British, with the freighter "Java", and imprisoned in a South African camp; related by the sole survivor, Ludwig Ehlers, to Edmund Gilligan. Lettow-Vorbeck entgegen und andere geheimnisvolle Luftschiffahrten]. Die Helden von Tsingtau. Seele,um ein Volk am Scheidewege. Briefe aus der Champagne: Feldbriefe eines Gemeinen an seine Frau. Auf dem Rad gegen den Feind.

Anfang als Trainsoldat einer Eisenbahneinheit an die Ostfront; Befehlsverweigerung; Anfang in eine Irrenanstalt. Drei Mann in einem Trichter. Eine Geschichte der Weltkriegs- und Nachkriegsspionage. Erlebnisse eines Kriegsgefangenen deutschen Studenten. Das schwarze Jahr Wie wir die Russen aus Galizien warfen: Ein deutscher Offizier im Krieg.

Catalogue of the Braun Family Archive

Soldaten des Grabens; Mit d. November in I. Das Buch vom deutschen Unteroffizier. Ein deutsches Heldenleben im Weltkrieg. Ferdinand Prinz zu Solms-Hohensolms-Lich, gefallen bei s. Deutsch-Englische erinnerungen eines deutschen Seeoffiziers. Battle of Jutland La bataille du Jutland vue du "Derfflinger".

Flieger im Westen [Previously published as: Doppeldecker C -- als Flieger im Westen, ]. Als gemeiner Soldat zum Landsturm ausgehoben: Erinnerungen an den Marnefeldzug Als "deutscher Spion" kriegsgefangen in Russland: Ab Oktober Leutnant im I. Loretto, sketches of a German volunteer Von Kabul nach Shanghai: Die Witwe eines Frontoffiziers setzt ihm hier aus Feldpostbriefen und Tagebuchaufzeichnungen ein Andenken.

Verdun und andere Kriegserlebnisse. Romagne, Azannes, Gremilly, Ornes, Douaumont. Orte in der Westmark. Ostfront, Somme, Siegfriedstellung, Flandern, Poelkapelle. Kriegserlebnisse in Frankreich I. Unsere feldgrauen Helden Bd. Hugo Hoppes Postkarten nach Bretterode. Aus der Mappe eines Kriegsberichterstatters: Hundert Tage gefangene in Frankreich: Souvenirs du Prince Alexandre de Hohenlohe: Prisoner of war, Bekenntnisse und Fantasien eines suspendierten englischen Kriegsgefangenen.

Das ereignisreiche Leben eines "Wilhelminers".

Full range of shelfmarks:

Hugo Hoppes Postkarten nach Brotterode. Der Adler von Lille: Hoffentlich hat der Dreck bald ein Ende. Augenzeugenberichte eines Holsteiners im Ersten Weltkrieg. Das Rote Kreuz in Feindeshand: Sieben Monate in den Vogesen, in Flandern und in der Champagne. Briefe aus dem Felde an seine Mutter. August Rittmeister der Reserve in das 3.

Schreib das auf, Kisch! Ellen Klatt als Schwester in den Kriegsjahren: Heiteres und Ernstes aus den ersten Kriegsmonaten Als Husar im I. Magdeburgische Husaren Regiment Nr. Infanterie Division in den Stellungskrieg nach Nordfrankreich und Flandern. Zwischen Aisne und Argonnen. Das Teufelsschiff und seine kleine Schwester.

Schrijver was oorlogsvrijwilliger en raakte zwaargewond; Arras , Somme , Rusland , Reims August bis Oktober Aus dem Tagebuch des 1. Die letzten Tage der Menschheit. No im Sommer und Herbst Oostenrijks violist, gewond aan het Russische front door een bajonet en een schop van een paard. In den Jahren des Ersten Weltkriegs war er freiwilliger Heeressoldat. Das Schicksal dem ich entging. Als "Ifl" und "Afl" im Stellungskrieg. Die Geheimnisse des Fliegerbildes.

Ein Regiment stirbt den Heldentod. Maschinengewehre im Eisernen Regiment: Badisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr Erste Kriegserlebnisse in Frankreich. Massa, wann kommst du wieder? Wir von der Infanterie. Voor beierse Ersatz-Division b. Mein Kriegstagebuch - Erlebnisse im Weltkriege - beim 4. Der Kaiser war bei uns! Im Kampf gegen den Hunger: Kriegstagebuch des Hauptmanns der Reserve u. Ludwig worked as a foreign correspondent for the Berliner Tageblatt in Vienna and Istanbul.

Die Fahrten der Emden und der Ayesha: Der Erste Weltkrieg in Briefen: Der Erste Weltkrieg in Briefen. Aus dem Tagebuch eines Feldarztes. Dagboek van een Feldarzt van aug tot Briefe aus dem Feld. The Silence of Colonel Bramble. Meine Reise auf den westlichen Kriegsschauplatz: Erlebnis und Gedanken eines Truppenarztes an der Westfront. There we'll meet again: Wir wollen immer Kameraden sein. Spionage an der Westfront. Die Versenkung des "Danton": Dem Andenken des Herrn Hauptmann Lucumus. Feldzugsaufzeichnungen als Brigade-, Divisionskommandeur und als kommandierender General Fremder im eigenen Land: Erinnerungen und Tagebuchaufzeichnungen eines Krupp-Direktors - Wilhelm Muehlon, Ex-Director of Krupp's.

Erlebtes und Erschautes als Gefangener in Frankreich und Afrika. Drei Wochen russischer Gouverneur. Erinnerungen an die Besetzung Gumbinnens durch die Russen. Mein Geheimdienst im Weltkrieg und andere Kurzgeschichten aus d. Kriegsjahr an der Westfront und Kriegsgefangenschaft in Frankreich bis Ernste und heitere Erinnerungen. Aus dem Kurbelkasten eines Journalisten. Erinnerungen aus aller Welt an alle Welt. Im serbischen Feldzug Erlebnisse und Stimmungen eines Landsturmoffiziers. Unter der Glutsonne Irans: Im Weltkrieg vor Indiens Toren]. Garde Grenadier Regiment Nr.

Ein Landsturmmann im Himmel: Mit der Schlesischen Landwehr durch drei Kriegsjahre: Wenn die Seele feiert Mein Regiment im Krieg an der Westfront Kriegserlebnisse nach eigenen Tagebuchaufzeichnungen. Kriegserlebnisse im Schatten der Pyramiden; von Lic.