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Gunpowder drifted over the water when Perry fought off a British fleet on Lake Erie while lakeside forts at Mackinac Island, Dearborn Chicago and Oswego were attacked from the water with deadly outcome. In the Civil War it was spy and counterspy as North and South maneuvered for advantage. During both world wars Great Lakes shipyards churned out hundreds of small warships including submarines. The big freighters fought the wars their own way, driving through storm and ice to deliver record cargos of iron ore to hungry steel mills.

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Thousands of American soldiers stood alert guard over the critical Soo Locks, waiting for enemy attacks that never came. The military plans were classified secret until and have been examined by historians in only a surprisingly cursory manner in my opinion. This program is still under development.

Pirates, Crooks and Killers — The Dark Side of Sailing the Great Lakes — While the Great Lakes never had swashbuckling pirates like those that swept the Caribbean Seas, there were low-lifes willing to rob and pillage when the opportunity presented itself. Whether the crew survived was not a critical consideration. Even while ashore sailors were not safe from the clutches of evil doers.

This presentation focuses on a fascinating aspect of Great Lakes maritime history little explored. How did the lakes contribute to the ultimate Union victory? What Confederate plots were hatched to attack the unprotected Great Lakes? This program looks at this fascinating and largely ignored part of Civil War history. Lake Michigan Maritime Ghost Tales — The environs of Old Lake Michigan are filled with chilling tales of lost mariners and cursed ships, sea monsters, UFOs, ghostly echoes of Prohibition-era murders and a deliciously horrible host of other hauntings on, in and around the water.

The presentation blends traditional stories with previously unpublicized accounts of spooky and strange occurrences. Lost on Superior, shipwrecks Still Missing — Increasingly sophisticated search technology is revealing the locations of more and more missing shipwrecks on Lake Superior. But what about the ones still lost, those big and small, important and meaningless, that seem to defy discovery?

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Is homeland security really a new issue, or have we dealt with it before? What can we learn from the past? This presentation examines the checkered history of defending the homeland and projects it into the present and future. Hundreds of boats hauled millions of gallons of illegal booze over the Lakes to wet the dry throats of honest citizens.

Although bribes were often paid to assure a safe passage, sometime bullets flew wild as bootleggers and government agents fought it out on the Inland Seas. These tales range from ghosts on ships and in lonely beacons to strange creatures and underwater spirits: All are become part of the lore of the Great Lakes and encompasses the period from the early s until present. Collected during years of research, they are a truly fascinating part of Great Lakes folklore. I will customize this program for the area presented. This is a great program for Halloween! Forgotten Heroes, The U.

Coast Guard, the men of this remarkable organization displayed incredible courage and bravery in rescuing over 55, people from potential death on the Great Lakes. Despite personal danger or difficulty, the life-savers invariably accomplished the rescue. Great Lakes Shipwrecks This program takes a close look at the historic causes of shipwreck on the Lakes as well as relating the tales of many famous shipwrecks and disasters.

There are program variations for Lakes Superior, Michigan and Huron. Great Lakes Lighthouses There are five separate parts to this program.

Segments include a general introduction to lightkeeping, lighthouse construction, lighthouse technology, lighthouse keepers and local area lighthouses. Each segment is approximately minutes. It typically includes lighthouse design and construction as well as tales about the keepers and their experiences. It brings the information in the previous sections into local focus. Freighters of Destiny Covers the history of Great Lakes navigation including schooners, wooden steamers and modern steel freighters.

Includes an examination of shipping on the Great Lakes today. Program includes the history of the ship, built in Duluth, Minnesota in , duty in the Pacific during World War II, later service on the Great Lakes and the tragic circumstances of her final mission on Lake Superior. The shipwreck is still unexplained. This program relates many of their untold tales of these very remarkable women and their impact on the Great Lakes and sailors lives. The program relives the history and stories of these truly remarkable women. Great Lakes Maritime History, Charting a Course Into the Classroom — Provides a basic understanding of Great Lakes maritime history and explores ways to integrate it into everyday teaching opportunities.

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The program is designed for an education conference setting and is customized to the group and location. Once the home of King Strang and his Mormon sect, later the commercial fishing center of the Great Lakes, this remarkable island always surprises. Snider chronicled this era in his 1, "Schooner Days" columns for Toronto's The Evening Telegram between and A great marine researcher and artist, Snider himself worked aboard schooners in his youth and studied first-hand the development of the Great Lakes region.

Coupled with Snider's writings are those of Robert B. Townsend, who, besides introducing Snider's stories, adds some of his own. The Secret of the Blue Trunk. A House in the Sky. Life in Nelson's Navy. Sailing Alone Around The World. Lewrie and the Hogsheads. Ghost Stories from Old Nova Scotia. The Gale of Not Too Long Ago: Stories of a Traditional Way of Life.

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Our Life on Lear's Room Labrador. The Way of a Ship. Shipwrecks Off the East Coast.

An Eye of the Fleet. Shipwrecks, Monsters, and Mysteries of the Great Lakes. The Discovery of Slowness.

Four Years on the Great Lakes, Sailing Alone around the World. So Terrible a Storm: A Tale of Fury on Lake Superior. The Yarns We Had.

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The Log of Bob Bartlett. A Girl Aboard the Titanic. The Loss of the Titanic: I Survived the Titanic. Heroes of the Sea. Ten Hours Until Dawn. Women Sailors and Sailors' Women.

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The Complete Titanic Chronicles. A Trip To Labrador. Titanic, A Very Peculiar History. Titanic and the Californian.