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McKay-Taggart still hunting the Collective as usual. I know there's a lot new people in this book but I don't wanna spoiler they made the first appearance here! Mia is the only woman in the family and it seems she's taking interest with Case Taggart. Just give me the next book. I kinda hope Erin will kill that bitch Hope and avenge her man. After the full name revealed, he's true to be the sexiest man alive! View all 10 comments. I've been waiting for a book about that dirty sadist Kai for awhile now, because lord knows I LOVE a good sadist and Kai has always been an intriguing character.

SO, why only 3. This book was busy, like really busy. Plus the stuff relating to Erin. So busy in fact that it felt like Kai and Kori's relationship took a backseat. Unfortunately because of that I never connected with them as a couple. My other issue was that Kai just never came off like the dirty sadist he has been referred to in earlier books. This could be because of the lack of sex scenes between them it seemed like there were less of them then usual in any case I was left wanting the bad ass sadist Kai from previous books. Someone else in another review mentioned that without all the extra story lines this felt like it was more along the lines of the novellas in this series.

I have to agree with sentiment! Overall though Lexi Blake can really do no wrong in my eyes, and although this wasn't one of my favorites in the series it progressed the series nicely, and sets up all kinds of new potential couples, and situations. View all 14 comments. Nov 25, Kate's Corner rated it really liked it Shelves: Never have I ever read so a fantastic series. The unthinkable has happened never ever did I think that I would come to love this series. I am addicted to it, I crave it. You forget the world around you and immerse yourself completely into the McKay-Taggart world.

It has been caught up in its web and I neve Never have I ever read so a fantastic series. It has been caught up in its web and I never want to leave. From the start I was pushed out of my comfort zone. It is refreshing from time to time and here it was no different. There are two plots to this story there is the overall plot of trying to find out more about The Collective and trying to find Theo.

But the subplot is of a serial killer that travels around the world with an entourage. A suspect in the murders or at least someone in this team. They are perfect for one another. They are evenly matched both in the lifestyle and out of it. Although at the beginning I felt I was out of my comfort zone that changed throughout the book. Blake has the talent of making anything she writes amazing. There is also a seriousness to the book compared to the other books that have come before now.

When it got to the good part I had to put this book on hold I had 30 minutes left to read. I had a prior engagement in the RL. It always depends on how the author gets to the spectacular ending of the book. My interest in this series was when I read Ruthless by Lexi Blake and Mia and Case featured in this book and I just loved them together. Finally I can read their book. He controls it by finding partners who enjoy the pain he gives them.

He admires her beauty but won't touch her physically-until the day he has to do a scene with her and discovers she's been lying about her needs as a sub. For her part, Kori lost a large part of herself during a relationship with a bad Dom, who took credit for her work. As a result, she hid her masochism under the guise of light playing with the unattached Doms at the club. When Kai's brother, Jared, shows up at the club to make a movie, he recognizes Kori.

What neither Kori nor Jared realize is that a federal agent believes Jared is behind a series of murders that have taken place when he tours for his hit television show. With a background of intrigue, sibling rivalry, and Kori's deception, can she and Kai actually develop a real relationship? As usual with the Masters and Mercenaries series, I loved the characters.

Kori was strong enough to walk away from a damaging relationship and start over. Kai is a caring Dom who loves to provide the pain that true masochists need. But he's not perfect, either and it takes him a while to realize his mistakes. Once he understands how he has screwed up, he takes steps to rectify his errors. As always, the crew from McKay-Taggart, who employs Kai, provides the entertainment.

The sex scenes are hot, and a bit more hard core BDSM than is usual for Lexi Blake, We also get hints that Theo, who was killed in the last book, may not be dead, but this is not his story.

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This book still has dark elements in it, but is lighter than the last couple of episodes in the series. It was an entertaining read, with fascinating characters, hot sex, and a plot that never quits. Review copy provided for an honest review. Oct 05, Aly is so frigging bored rated it it was amazing Shelves: D He was an asshole with his brother, but in the end he saw the light -Jared: Lexi created a 3D person, no washed out, one characteristic people for her. She took care of everyone and did it with a smile. And, in no way was she a washed out or no personality chick.

She had a wicked sense of humor as well. Feb 05, Ivy Deluca rated it really liked it Shelves: Yep, that would be some BDSM romance. All of this plus more Mackay-Ta Dr. All of this plus more Mackay-Taggart drama and I was a pretty happy camper. Add to this a serial killer subplot, and the action keeps things humming and the BDSM keeps it all sexy. Not really a standalone: Starting a series like this can feel like Jumping onto a moving carousel.

Brie Masters Love in Submission: Submissive in Love by Red Phoenix

It can be exciting, there are some recaps, but you could end up pretty dizzy trying to keep all the characters straight. Every pot has its lid: Kai loves inflicting pain on a willing participant and Kori needs it like air, so I thought they made a perfect pair. Kai is a good hero, and I like the contrast of the potentially stuffed shirt intellectual having that kinky edge.

He more than captured my attention during their first scene at Sanctum, though. By now, the series has a life of its own and if anything, the focus felt divided between Kai and Kori and the tragedy of what happened to one of the Taggart brothers, Theo. The serial killer was very easy to spot and the tension is more about when the characters would catch up and realize who it was than a true surprise. I happen to love that, so I was entertained.

The epilogue and the teaser for future books certainly has potential. View all 8 comments. Jan 21, Shayna rated it it was amazing Shelves: When I read a Masters and Mercenaries novel, I'm transported to my happy place. Nothing puts a smile on my face fast enough like Lexi Blake release!

And with this being Kai's story I was freaking ecstatic! It was smoking hot! Blake's heroes just DO IT for me, ya know? Something about them just rocks my freaking world! Kai's past came to the forefront, and with it came Kori's truth. Their banter was ridiculous! If you scene with me you better know how to swim. And you know what are lovely kick-ass heroine fires back with: And I'm a woman, not a little girl, as you're about to find out.

Gotta love the mouth on Kori! I feel like a mic should have been dropped after that statement! This book had everything I could ever want in a romance read! Blazing hot office sex Passionate and intense BDSM scenes There was just absolutely NO putting this down! After devouring every book in this series I feel a sense of contentment, of complete satisfaction, and then 10 minutes later, I want MORE! This book was a little different than the others first it took place at home Dallas, Tx. The book was about resident Psychologist Kai Ferguson and his office manager Kori Williamson both Kai and Kori have been interested in each other for awhile.

Kai who is a sadist as always thought that Kori was afraid of him and in a way she was just not the way that he thought. Kori who was hurt by a former Master has hidden the fact that she is a masochist at the Sanctum she only played with weak Dom's. Kai's brother Jared who is a TV star who Kai hasn't seen in 12 years is shooting a movie at Sanctum it's one of Serena's books it's the one about Ian and Charlie he request that Kai train him as a Dom.

This book introduces us to some new players also like Mia who they think is working for the Collective turns out she thought they were. Mia is a reporter and the sister of a billionaire who owns a tech company she is following up on story her friend what killed after meeting Jared she thinks he is a serial killer also.

I really liked Mia and when she got up in Erin's face letting her know that she wasn't scared of her she won them over except Case who has a crush on her and she on him, but he is hurt because she lied. Kai uses Kori to show his brother some things in the dungeon he realizes that she has lied to everyone and that she is the perfect masochist to is sadism.

Jared who has an entourage and Kai doesn't believe that his brother is a killer and it must be someone in his crew. Jared's people were funny and they were getting on Ian's nerves. As Kai and Kori get closer they both have feelings for each other but Kori thinks that Kai is only playing with her and when she overhears him talking to Case she panics and think that he is using her and she runs right into the killer who is trying to kill her best friend and roommate Sarah because she got close to Jared.

This was a really good book one of the best in the series too me although there are no bad books in this series. This book was well written like the other books in this series the sex scenes were hot. Both kai and Kori learned to let go of the past hurts that they both suffered so they can have a future together. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series Mia and Case I am looking forward to watching them fall in love.

Feb 26, Kathleen R. From Sanctum With Love Author: Masters and Mercenaries series, Book 10 Publisher: February 23rd, Genre s: I'll be the first to come out and freely admit that I'm not a fan of series where there are is a continuous and seemingly never ending number of instalments novels that will be added to it, but as I found myself digging into From Sanctum With Love written by Lexi Blake, I wondered if maybe I should revise my 'distaste'.

Very few authors have the capacity of being able to write a long standing series and still manage to keep hold of their readers but if there's one thing I can say: And I say this as absolutely no insult to the authors or their work itself, but rather on the fact that it gets monotonous after a certain time. Kai Furgesson is a psychologist, a d mn good one at that, with peculiar tastes who has had his eye on his admin Kori for more than a while.

Kori is the type of woman who knows the boundaries of professionalism and desperately tries to keep her distance from him even though her desires are the type that speak out to Kai. Recruited by McKay-Taggart for an operation, Kai and Kori are forced to face their attraction for one another and find out how they will deal with the fact that they are perfectly matched for one another. There are simply too many ways for me to say how and which parts captured my attention and had me wishing there was more to the story - more pages, more action and so much more Kai and Lori.

These two could melt event the most hardened of romantics, making them yearn for the connection that exists between the two of them. It's the type of novel that can appeal to a certain group of readers because of the BDSM aspects and yet, Lexi Blake writes it in such a way that I found it sexy as all heck and can't wait to see what the next book will be.

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Reviewed by Kathleen from Alpha Book Club Feb 23, Sheila rated it it was amazing. This was my first book by this author and from this series, as much as I enjoyed it I really wish I had read the whole series in order. These can be read alone, but it was obvious I'd missed out on quite a lot with all the different characters. This book was focused mostly on Kai and Kori, but there were still many other background stories playing along at the same time. These were things that looked like they had been taking place for several books and would continue on in the future ones.

It w This was my first book by this author and from this series, as much as I enjoyed it I really wish I had read the whole series in order. It was those stories that I felt left out of I had no idea what they were talking about. Kori has been his assistant for a few years and they've grown into really close friends. They both have denied the attraction they feel for the other, in fear of ruining their work relationship. The plot is extremely complex and there are twists at every page. During it all Kai and Kori finally realize that they are perfect for each other: Kai is a hardcore sadist and is never satisfied with the subs he scenes with.

Kori needs pain but has denied herself due to painful circumstances in her past. She scenes with doms at the club but none of them give her the level of pain that will send her into the subspace she craves. Kai is the only one that can do that, and she's the only one that can take and enjoy the level of pain he needs to give his sub. Once Kai realizes Kori is his perfect sub he refuses to let their relationship stay the way it has been. Their scenes are SO hot together! I've never read a more erotic spanking in my entire life. That scene alone made me want to read the whole series.

Besides scorching and sensual BDSM scenes, there's a serial killer on the loose, secrets being kept, people out to sabotage other people in the story I hate missing out on the whole picture, but I'm so glad I read this and discovered the Masters and Mercenaries series! Feb 26, 1-Click Addict Support Group rated it really liked it. Kai is cool, almost too cool, but very capable, and caring from a distance.

While he prided himself on his self-control, Sanctum was a place he could let loose the dark side of himself. I knew there was hidden depths and they certainly came out to play here. Beautiful and smart, she could have written the book on professionalism. She may be a lot like him on the surface but she liked vanilla, which meant she was not someone he could be interested in.

Not everything is as it seems, though, as Kori keeps her past and much of herself a secret. This author knows how to blend action and intrigue with love and sex to create a whirlwind story from start to finish. Kai is panty-melting and heart-stopping as he comes out of his shell in the face of family, and love. When these two start to open up about what their true desires are the heat builds and builds to an incredibly, hot climax.

You will want to start at the beginning as each story builds to make a complete picture. Sep 11, Dar rated it it was amazing Shelves: Seriously, how come Kai gets a book? He isn't an operative in MT, he's a psychologist who screens Sanctum prospects, shouldn't he get a novella not a novel? What kind of name is Kai anyways? And please, not another storyline of a Dom and sub staying away from each other because it is better for one or the other to save the other from themselves So all these questions had me hesitant when starting this book.

I mean, I was reading it, this series is crack to me, so not going there wasn't an option. Things feel into place so quickly, Kai is the set up for the continuing of the story. He needs to be explained, he needs to have his moment, because he will play a very important part going forward. Kai is short for his full name, which is really funny, and will have him teased in books to come. No hesitation, no new, both experienced, in the lifestyle, and both comfortable with who they are and what they want. In other words, perfect for each other and a story of how their relationship grows together This book really sets up the next part of the series.

The original characters are still there, but they are on the side. We have some new people stepping up, taking action, and being in the spotlight. The stories are maturing, the characters growing up, and the series is in it's teen years now, and that shows. Really this just makes me want more, because it isn't tired, it isn't worn, it is growing and I like where it is heading and want to come along with it now, as much as I did at the start! This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. While I enjoyed reading about Kai and Kori I was more interested in the background story, the one where Ian thinks that Theo is alive and is doing everything in his power to find Theo.

I thought it was interesting that anything included Kai's brother, Jared. I didn't really care for Jared, hated how he came off "all about me" even after learning about his past and how he tracked Kai, he still gave off that vibe. I have a feeling that with how things ended with Kai and Jared they aren't done, tha While I enjoyed reading about Kai and Kori I was more interested in the background story, the one where Ian thinks that Theo is alive and is doing everything in his power to find Theo.

I have a feeling that with how things ended with Kai and Jared they aren't done, that at some point Jared will need help and big brother will be there to help him. Kori's past was mildly interesting, if only because it exposed her past on BDSM. It was a nice comparison with things at MT and Sanctum. The little tidbit at the end with Case and Mia had me screaming at the book, I hate ending on a cliff hanger, but like that we seem to have confirmation that Theo is indeed alive. Good thing too because Erin and TJ need him. They will probably be the reason that he comes back to himself.

Aug 30, Jackie Kiwibooknerd rated it it was amazing Shelves: I vowed I would not go to sleep last night until I finished this book. And even though I am soooo tired this morning, it was worth every single second To say that I love this series, would be a grave understatement, it is one of my all time fave's. Lexi Bake is one of my top 3 Authors I loved Kai and Kori's book. They were perfect for each other Kai was perfect and not to OTT!!!! I of course devour every scene w I vowed I would not go to sleep last night until I finished this book.

I of course devour every scene with Big Tag as he is still my go to guy I almost cried when I got to the end and saw Case was up next I want him and Erin's book like yesterday Please, Please Lexi Blake let his book still come out this year Oct 03, Linda rated it it was amazing. When Kai the psychologist gets roped into helping McKay-Taggart with an investigation, he didnt know what he signed up for.

His secretary, that hes secretly longed for, also gets drafted, and this leads to more than either bargained for. Not to mention, the one Kai needs to investigate, is his estranged baby brother. Kori left a bad relationship behind, and knows better than to trust without insurance. Kai turns out to be just what Kori needs. Can they get through this together? Contemporary romance, action and smutty fluff in an awesome combo. Feb 29, Janet Rodman rated it it was amazing.

Kai Ferguson has been watching his beautiful assistant Kori Williamson since she started working for him. Kori wants her boss Kai Ferguson has been watching his beautiful assistant Kori Williamson since she started working for him. Kori wants her boss Kai in the worst way, her masochist side cries out for his dominance. The last master she let in abused her and her trust. She knows Kai is different but her fears are stopping her from being with the man who seems to be made just for her.

I love every minute, the action, the suspense and the hot as hades sex keep my attention glued to the pages. When Kai was introduced he seemed nice enough but Lexi gave us so little of him the tease that she is I just thought he seemed nice enough. Boy did she prove me wrong. So many other stories are introduced in this installment as well.

I absolutely love Erin—her grief over Theo wrecked me. She is one tough cookie but seeing her vulnerable side was fascinating. As always Ian is the ever present leader of the Alpha males and I still adore him. All in all another great book from Lexi Blake featuring a group of characters that you will love and want to be a part of. There is drama, suspense, heartbreaking revelations, sex and a few laughs as well. I'm happy to say that I was not disappointed because it's everything I expected from Ms. Kori Williamson is everything Kai Ferguson wants - attractive, caring and most of all a masochist to his sadist, like two halves of a whole but as long as she doesn't own up to what she needs, he can't g 4.

Kori Williamson is everything Kai Ferguson wants - attractive, caring and most of all a masochist to his sadist, like two halves of a whole but as long as she doesn't own up to what she needs, he can't give it to her and he'll have to make do with letting her manage his life outside of Sanctum. Kori has good reason to keep her feelings for Kai under wrap. Her last relationship cost her a lot and she's not willing to give up the family she's found if things with Kai go sideways.

But she doesn't have the option of keeping him at an arm's length anymore because their relationship is about to go to the next level as they are drawn into the hunt for a serial killer as well as Kai's struggle to mend his broken relationship with his brother. Kai is exactly my kind of guy, intellectual and controlled but very deep while Kori is sassy, strong and fearless and I loved the dynamics of their relationship. They were like an old married couple, easy and very comfortable with each other.

In the office she was the boss and managed him, but the dungeon was his playground. Even though Kai has a military background and there is some suspense and mystery, it's a departure from the action and intrigue that has been the central theme of the previous books.

It's more about emotional connections and revelations but is just as engaging, with a good serving of the erotic scenes in Sanctum. If BSDM is not your thing, there is still a lot to love about this story. It was fun to finally get Kori and Kai's happy ending, catch up with old characters and meet new ones. The entire Masters and Mercenaries series is an experience that must not be missed and while this book can be read as a standalone, why miss out on the complete experience? If you are new to the series, I would recommend starting from the first book and reading in order because of how connected the stories are.

I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. Subscribe to my Newsletter on The Sassy Bookster.

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Like my page on Facebook. Oct 05, Steph rated it really liked it. I can now say that I know what anal hooks, sadisticks and violet wands do. He's barely spoken to Jared in years. Kai's assistant Kori Williamson was gutted when her Master betrayed her in so many ways, so she left the movie business and her need for sadomasochism behind. Even after working together for years, Kai has no clue that Kori is an experience I can now say that I know what anal hooks, sadisticks and violet wands do. Even after working together for years, Kai has no clue that Kori is an experienced masochist…which would dovetail nicely with his sadist needs.

Now that his brother is back in his life filming a movie and using Sanctum as the set, flirting with Kori and every other woman in the club, Kai has more motivation than ever to make a move on his lovely assistant. There's more going on beneath the surface of a movie shoot though, and Kai and Kori's relationship will be put to the test. Kai's character hasn't been one of my favorites more ambivalence than dislike and I don't really care for heavy sadomasochistic scenes. I'm so glad I was wrong, because this book was really sexy and emotional for a lot of reasons.

There was a LOT going on in this story…the strained relationship between Kai and his brother Jared, the fact that a serial killer is in their midst and also an undercover reporter , the possibility that someone they thought was dead might be alive. There were some wildly erotic sex scenes between Kai and Kori, and I didn't think I'd dig the harder-core pain slut storyline, but I really did. There were also a few funny nuggets that were thrown out there as per typical Lexi Blake fashion: She seriously doubted he would walk in and make crazy demands.

Apparently he's got an entourage, and one of them weighs five pounds and looks like she craps sadness. You won't be able to miss her. Well, unless she turns to the side and then you might be able to. But Jared himself seems cool.

Masters of Love Series

There's always something in the Masters and Mercenaries series that cracks me up and breaks up the romantic suspense tension that all the books have. A busy but fantastic addition to the series, and while all the books can be read as standalones, this one has a nice little cliffhanger that'll drive you nuts! Dec 13, Julianna rated it it was amazing Shelves: Kori Williamson has been working for Kai for quiet a while now that she knows that he lust after her as much as she does for him.

As Kori and Kai accept and find their way in their new relationship a murder lurks right around the corner. Will their new found love survive his secrets and her deception before the killer decided for them? Oh were do I start?! Lexi Blake has once again done an amazing We have secrets, loyalty, action, sexy men and hot BDSM scenes that will make you all gooey inside.

Kori is loyal, but she also has never found her place in life until she went and worked with Kai. That kind of put a damper on the story for me, but the romance helped. Lexi certainly did a good job that I almost missed who it was, but the one information that she left I knew right then. Anyways, I have to say the biggest surprise was the ending where it will lead to her next book.

When I read that last sentence…oh man I got chills and totally did a happy dance that consist of the hockey pokie. I look forward to the next installment of Master and Mercenaries. To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

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He's back and she's not giving him another chance. Especially now that they are forced to work together. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention mister romance leisa rayven max riley male escort eden tate fall in love max and eden slow burn sexual tension highly recommend investigative journalist masters of love well written fell in love new york love story romantic fantasies book boyfriend read this book sister asha. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

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Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. He is all mine and I will take him in any form. The writing is absolutely gorgeous. If you did not believe in true love, romance and HEA you will now. Mister Romance is no doubt one of the best books of Max can transform himself into any body the women want and allow them the fantasy date they will never forget. His one rule is no sex or touching below the waist LOL. Why is he doing this? For money, pleasure, fame or penance? That is the secret you will need to find out yourself. Then comes Eden, an investigative journalist at a dead-end job.

Her boss has threatened to fire her if she does not come up with a substantial story soon. Eden gets wind of the legendary Mister Romance. She is determined to expose the truth about what he does and mainly WHO his clients are. Can you imagine the scandal once the public finds out which wives of influential men have been hiring a male escort? This story would secure a big raise, a promotion and set her up for her future career. Sex is all she wants, no baggage, no attachment and it has worked for quite sometime until she meets Max. Max challenges Eden to go on 3 dates with him. Max is convinced he can woo Eden and change her mind about love and fairytales.

If that is the case she will have to drop the story on him. Who will come out on top? Mister Romance is absolutely spectacular from beginning to finish. Sexy, fun, and heart-warming, and some angst.

Brie Masters Love in Submission: Submissive in Love

I did shed a few tears too. Actually, I love ALL versions of Max from sexy Irish, to hot rock star, to hot male escort, to just beautiful and swoony boyfriend. I love how his character developed throughout the story and how he helps transform Eden and free her from the painful past. Mister Romance is phenomenal and utterly addictive! Gorgeous love story full of heart, sexy, hilarious banters and charming characters. My heart is singing a happy tune now.

Megan - Reading Books Like a Boss. Edie is employed at a Buzzfeed-like news outlet, where her brains are underutilized for fluff pieces. She has a limited amount of time to find this mystery man and find out all his secrets. As you probably guess, this doesn't go according to plan because the real guy behind the mask is sweet, romantic, and falls head over heels for her.

But is this professional liar who's paid by the city's wealthiest women to make them believe their fantasy just putting on a show for her too? Naturally cynical Edie doesn't know.