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Jack Arrowsmith provided invaluable data on RN carrier pennant numbers. In addition, many other people have provided other data and material for this project. Such photos are in the public domain. All other photos are credited as to source and are used in accordance with applicable copyright laws. If there are any questions regarding photo credits or copyrights, please contact us and we will resolve the matter promptly.

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Full Deck CV-38 USS Shangri-La Carrier Operations Late 1950s

If it crashes my browser, it will not be listed! To suggest a site, please send email with the URL and a brief site description, and be sure to indicate that the site is to be listed in the "Carrier Links". Wasp , lead ship. Sunk during the Guadalcanal campaign. Sunk in the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands. Essex , lead ship. Independence light carrier , lead ship. Sunk in the Battle of Leyte Gulf.

Midway , lead ship. Saipan , lead ship. Forrestal supercarrier , lead ship. Kitty Hawk supercarrier, lead ship.

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Enterprise supercarrier, lead ship. Kennedy supercarrier, lead ship.

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  • Nimitz supercarrier, lead ship. Ford supercarrier, lead ship. Scrapped in in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Traditional contact mines could only be removed by cutting those cables, allowing the mine to float to the surface, and destroying them with small arms fire.

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    This is dangerous work, especially to the minesweeper that has to sail in the minefield. But some methods are only effective for finding, not neutralizing, mines - to do that, you can either set off their fuses acoustic, magnetic, pressure , or directly destroy them. For the former, you can carry out an "influence sweep" - using a heavy helicopter, unmanned boat, or conventional minesweeper to drag a sled emitting known signatures that might set off suspected mines.

    For the latter, you can use mini-torpedoes that'll swim down to the mine to destroy it see Archerfish. Thus, the resort to Archerfish and similar devices, which are slow and tedious not the mention costly - much more than the typical contact mine, which is why they're such a great means of blocking waterways. I have a few questions through my mind, maybe you could help out? If it's beyond the scope of this post or you're unwilling I won't be offended, but if you don't mind.. What does the damage to a ship from the mine? Is it water pressure or something else?

    I'm curious as to how far away a mine needs to be from a ship before it is no longer effective. Also, you mentioned signatures. Am I right in thinking that mines can be programmed to detonate only for particular ships based on their sound profiles? Damage from most mines are done by conventional explosives. I can't say for certain how much damage is caused by the initial explosion versus the following blast of water re-entering the vacuum, however. Some of the most advanced mines are basically just tethered torpedoes, giving them quite a long reach. And yes, advanced fuzes can be programmed are explode only when the proper signature parameters are met.

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    However, the increased cost of such fuzes may make them less effective for broad area denial operations since you can't afford as many, and the enemy may more quickly clear the field. Regarding damage mode, I'm on mobile so I can't link it for you but do a google image search for warship shock test. Part of the acceptance process for new ships is checking their hull integrity by blowing up a big charge of explosives nearby.

    These aren't just firecrackers, they're serious amounts of high explosives as you'll see from the pics. Overpressure and vacuum oscillation is what really does a number on a ship's hull. Look for videos of underwater explosions to see what it entails. This oscillating stress can inflict more damage, from a standoff range of some meters, than actual contact. I see you deleted your reply before I could comment. I'm not sure why because it was informative. Anyhow, it appears I was way off with my assumptions.

    I must admit I am a bit ignorant of the various boats in the Navy. Thanks for the clarification. I didn't delete it. I refreshed and yep, couldn't see it anymore. Cool to see it brought up elsewhere.

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