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The eggs hatch to reveal the larva. Larvae are fairly formless no matter the species.

Katydid Signs and a Few Interesting Facts

In the case of butterflies they are called caterpillars - wormlike creatures that do nothing but eat. Flies' larvae are also shaped similarly, but are small, white and have no identifying marks. The larvae do not eat the same food as the adult. In fact, some insects stop eating once they have passed the larva stage. As the larvae grow, they shed their outer exoskeleton several times.

At some point the larva knows to begin a process of becoming a pupa. In this stage, a caterpillar will suspend itself from a branch or other sturdy support and begin to cover itself in a protective covering. Some insects, like bees, have a special place provided for them by the colony to cover themselves up.

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This is known as a chrysalis or a cocoon. From the outside it looks as if nothing is happening. But, inside the cocoon, a complete change is happening. The parts of the larva are rearranging — the organs, the muscles, and other body parts are developing into a completely different creature. When the time comes for the adult to appear, which can take from days up to years depending on the species, it will fight its way from the chrysalis or cocoon and what emerges is the adult.

Butterflies and bees goes through complete metamorphosis.

Katydids: Ten Interesting Facts

Check Science Trek's site on Butterflies to learn more about complete metamorphosis. Sometimes we are annoyed by insects who bite us or fly in our face when we are trying to picnic. But they are more than a nuisance. They are a vital part of our environment. Without insects to crawl around in flowers as they hunt for their food, we would be without much of our own food. Some insects accidently gather pollen , which is a dusty material made inside the flower, onto their legs while they move inside of the flowers.

Then, when they visit the next flower, this pollen is rubbed off to fertilize and create the mechanism that allows a plant to create fruits or vegetables. This is known as pollination.

Katydids: Ten Interesting Facts

In addition to helping to create food for us, they also work to rid us of dead plants and animals. Some species of insect are the key to keeping us from being knee deep in dead matter. When a plant or an animal dies, insects, bacteria other animals sweep in to eat the remains and turn it into soil through their digestive process.

This is the original version of recycling. Some insects spin a material known as silk which can be woven into fabric. It is considered to be a very valuable material and is used in the making of lots of clothing.

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While there are insects that can be pests and cause the human world issues, there are also insects who eat the pests. Some gardeners purposely buy lady bugs to live in their garden and eat pesky insects that would otherwise eat the plants in the garden. Let's face it, insects can be food for some of our favorite animals. Birds, fish, frogs and snakes dine on insects all of the time. This is just part of the natural cycle of things.

In some parts of the world, humans enjoy snacking on insects too. Facts See the Top 10 Questions Insects!! Insect Body Insects do not have bones like you, but instead have a hard outer covering known as an exoskeleton. There are over 2, different kinds of katydids in the tropics and about in North America. In general, katydids live apart from humans but sometimes they become pests and eat crop plants.

Most of us will hear but not see katydids because of their nocturnal and arboreal nature.

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These insects are slow moving and very interesting to examine. They are not aggressive and tolerate a bit of prodding so are a good insect to introduce to children. Dawn Redwood Metasquoia glyptroboides.

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