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Chaos Unleashed

AND the story is complete, I don't expect to see any more out of it, which is something that plagues me in other series. As much as I enjoy a world, there is something to be said for "happily ever after", meaning, everything is completely resolved, and no loose ends are left hanging, just waiting for the next sequel. I don't see that happening with this one. Unless there I really enjoyed this story. Unless there's a prequel.. Which is kind of a shame, based on the character development and the lineage and history that was laid out.

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Ok, Ok, I'll read another one, you twisted my arm! Oct 13, Stephen rated it it was amazing. The end has come for The Chaos Born and Chaos Unleashed does a good job of wrapping up this fantastic series. The result is emotional investment in the characters that will have you flipping pages deep into the night to see what happens next.

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With this final book in the trilogy, Drew Karpyshyn draws up a satisfying conclusion to the series. For those who have already begun the journey, this is The end has come for The Chaos Born and Chaos Unleashed does a good job of wrapping up this fantastic series. And she was willing, even eager, to watch the crimson rivers flow. Keegan, Jerrod and Scythe must venture across the Southlands to make their way to Callastan. Elsewhere, Vaaler the Danaan prince and his barbarian companion Shalana travel across the perilous plains of the Frozen East as they, too, venture toward Callastan.

Already there, Cassandra holds up in Callastan, recovering from her injuries, protecting the crown, and waiting for the inevitable attack from the Order who is poised to assault the city. Yet the battle for Callastan is not the climax of the story. Instead, it is yet another obstacle for what must be the final battle: The adventure leading up to the final battle holds some interesting and fun surprises. Within the pages of this final leg of the series, readers will get to go on a few more action packed trips with their favorite characters.

There are battles both large and small, growth for the characters as they deal with their scars and flaws in preparation for the final conflict, and emotional moments as the elements of story come together. I have to admit, when I got to page , the tears were welling up. Anytime a story can garner that kind of reaction from me is a high note. I love it when I can get so lost in the story and the characters that the mere act of reading can become a transcendent experience.

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So whether you enjoy seeing an exiled elf prince roaming the countryside with his honor guard of barbarian warriors freeing towns from the brutality of roving mercenaries, the horrific acts of a hell spawn bat creature serving his monstrous master through blood magic and subterfuge, or the simple and more down to earth transformation of an ex-priest who battles with his faith and what his purpose in life is, Chaos Unleashed has a little bit of everything for the discerning reader.

For my own part, Chaos Unleashed did several things extremely right in my eyes. First off, the relationship between Keegan and Scythe was handled very well. Karpyshyn handles that relationship with care, showing both sides and the full range of emotions that are at war. To my great surprise, Jerrod goes through a transformation in this story that really elevated his character and made him someone I liked.

I loved seeing the conflict develop for him as he struggled with his faith, his vision, and the reality crashing down around him. On top of that, seeing Methodis come back into the story was very cool. Early on in the series, he was a neat character, and I enjoyed how he was brought back in. Yet the true highlight for me was Vaaler. Throughout the series, Vaaler become my favorite character, and in this book he has some great moments.

While his destiny leads him to be just outside of the limelight, Drew has some fun with his character and it was a treat to see him and Shalana going around and playing hero. If there was one character who really had their head together and got the best of all worlds, it was him. A place where the gods sacrificed themselves to hold back a legion of would be tyrants. Through this story, a group of heroes must work together with the ancient talismans imbued with the magic of the old world in order to save the current one.

Chaos Unleashed brings that journey to an end. Having enjoyed this ride from beginning to end, I give Chaos Unleashed a five out of five. Nov 20, Chad rated it really liked it. Great conclusion to the trilogy. Great characters, unique world. Dec 21, Mary Fan rated it it was amazing. It picks up where the last book left off. The evil Daemron, banished behind a barrier called the Legacy generations ago, is on the cusp of return, and when he does, he will unleash hordes of monsters and horrors upon the mortal world.

Most of the monstrous Minions he dispatched to help the Children of Fire, who are unknowingly part of his plan to bring the Legacy crashing down, have been Chaos Unleashed is the third and final installment in Drew Karpyshyn's dark fantasy trilogy, The Chaos Born. Most of the monstrous Minions he dispatched to help the Children of Fire, who are unknowingly part of his plan to bring the Legacy crashing down, have been defeated, but the most dangerous remains active. Meanwhile, the four Children of Fire, born through a ritual Daemron enacted and touched by Chaos--the uncontrollable supernatural force from which magic is drawn--continue on their journey to stop Daemron's return.

The prophet, Cassandra, has stolen the Crown, one of the three Talismans that Daemron once used to achieve immortality and flees an order of fanatical monks determined to take it back. The Order, hell-bent on catching her and destroying anyone who even dabbles in Chaos, has spread terror across the world in the form of a horrifying Inquisition.

The wizard, Keegan, and the warrior, Scythe, have obtained the other two Talismans and seek Cassandra to fulfill their collective destiny Scythe and Keegan are the ones depicted on this book's cover And the king, Vaaler, having protected Scythe and Keegan from the army seeking the Talismans, believes his part in this journey is over and travels with Shalana, the tribeswoman whose people helped the Children of Fire on their journey. But, it turns out, the forces of fate aren't done with him yet Like the previous two books, Chaos Unleashed depicts several intertwining plot lines all tied to the same overarching goals: I loved how every single event, no matter how small or insignificant-seeming at first, has a purpose.

The book is told from multiple points of view, from the principle cast to bit characters who turn out to have an important role to play as well. It all ties into the themes of destiny and chaos Each character has a distinct voice, and I liked that this book took the time to explore their inner conflicts and thought processes. While the plot centers around huge, end-of-the-world-type situations, it's still a story about people The ones who stood out to me were Scythe my personal favorite , who was left broken-hearted after the events of Book 2.

Always so quick-tempered and tough, she's finally fighting a foe she can't strike down. And Keegan, who wrestles with how best to do the right thing in a world with no easy answers. These character moments happen between some truly amazing action scenes -- battles and duels and more that culminate in stunning final battle full of vivid imagery.

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  • Chaos Unleashed (The Chaos Born, #3) by Drew Karpyshyn.

The descriptions throughout pull you in with visceral language while the character voices create an emotional connection that makes the book spring to life. By the time you're done reading, you feel like you've been there and seen it all yourself. Really, this is a trilogy that should be binge-read all in a row as one big book.

Pieces set in motion in Book 1 come together in Book 3, leading to a satisfying conclusion. I know I've loved a book when I find myself spending ages attempting to write a review that, no matter what, just never seems to say enough. There's just so much to enjoy in this whole trilogy, which has the grandeur and rich world-building of Tolkien and yet is written with a much darker tone And yes, that is me daring to say that Chaos Born might be better than Lord of the Rings Jan 08, Jules rated it liked it.

I'm left with a bittersweet flavor in my mouth.

Chaos Unleashed VII

This final book is all about convergence, get the 3 main characters together, and stop "the end of the world" but the way it happened and how they all got there is not that awesome. I really liked Scythe and Vaaler. Keegan not that much, actually I really didn't care for him at all, and if he would've died, it would've been ok with me. Almost half the books he was too tired, or unconscious, or too weak to do anything. Really hated the for I'm left with a bittersweet flavor in my mouth.

Really hated the forced romantic relationship between Keegan and Scythe; it just didn't feel right. It would've been better if they continue as friends and that's it.

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But no, the plot dictated that they were both meant to each other because of the bond they shared and Norr had to be out of the way somehow. Sure, this gave the author a lot to write about, but for me Really loved to see Methodis back: I love damned reunions. Previous book I talked about Daemron falling into the most clicheist representation of evil horns, wings, tail, hooves aaaand it was confirmed here he was also red skinned.

Good work on creating your demon sir. You almost run out of ideas with that. How do we get the other 2 guys there? Yeah, how convenient they found the teleportation spell just when need it. I was going to rant about the final fight between Cassandra and Daemron buuuut later I found out why it was so short. It was a good way to tie knots there. Not the best fantasy story I have read, but also not the worst.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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To view it, click here. The end of the Chaos Born triology. Was interesting to delve into a new world and new characters, by an author I really enjoy. The book gives me, at least, a satisfying ending to the triology I really could've read more about the aftermath of the events of this book though.

The character development throughout the books was interesting, in a good way, and it tied together nicely. The point is located in the southeast, near the exit, on higher ground. The hill has 2 approaches, on from the north and on from the southwest. Initially, Guardsmen will spawn near the the northern approach, a well armed force consisting of Lasguns, a Psykers and multiple specialists Melta and Melee , making a static defense somewhat difficult. A short while after, Guardsmen will spawn in the southwest, again consisting of multiple hostiles.

However, the first specialists with Grenade Launchers will also spawn there, and though not very accurate, their grenades will make holding the point even more difficult. One or two Raptors will usually do to neutralize all close quarters enemies, while they can also wreak havoc on the 2 Imperial Guard strongpoints. This is by far the most difficult wave of the first arena. At the start, Skar Boyz, Slugga Boyz and Shoota Boyz will spawn in the south, while the Imperial Guard will again be spawning in the north, with Lasguns and Psykers, but also a good close combat force.

Again, especially the Orks are dangerous, but staying a distance away from the fight and attacking with ranged force is a good solution. At the end of the wave, when about enemies remain, the Imperial equivalent of the Ork Nobz will spawn: They are about the same strength as Chaos Space Marines, do a decent amount of damage and their armor is resistent to bolt-based weapons, but they are vulnarable in melee and require only a level 3 attack, attack, stun stun to be stunned.

This round can be especially dangerous to players equipped with light weapons and it requires a good mix of weapons, but a generally 1 Thunder Hammer or 2 Melta or Plasma-based guns will be enough to counter the heavy infantry. Both will be present with both light and heavy infantry, with the Orks in the west and the Imperium in the eastern building and on the southern walkway.

The Orks will spawn both on the roof and inside the building on the west, but most melee will spawn on the ground and most ranged units on the roof, but the ranged Orks will jump to the ground if a player comes to the roof. Skar Boyz will move to the west to attack.

The Space Marines 2 up, 2 down in the east carry Plasma Cannons, making them very dangerous in the little amount of space available, both on the ground and the top floor, and especially Raptors can easily be killed by one while attacking the other one. The Guardsmen will be equipped with Lasguns, Chainswords and Grenade Launchers, with the latter also being dangerous in the small building.

The Psyker will stand above the stairs in the southwest, while the Melta Guns will move down to attack the Orks. As mentioned earlier, the Plasma Cannons are very dangerous, while the middle is a dangerous place to be, since both races will clash there and attack players. Bringing heavy weapons is much more important in this arena. The southern walkway will be very crowded with Guardsmen and Plasma Cannon Space Marines very quickly, but Raptors will easily deal with them. At first, only Imperial Guard Guardsmen, specialists and a Psyker will spawn in the middle, but after a good portion of them has been disposed of, the first Orks will spawn: From the south, more Imperial Guard close combat specialists will move in.

No ranged orks will spawn and the eastern building will be mostly empty, so staying in the north or in the eastern building is safe, but be careful for the Lasguns and Plasma Cannons firing from the south. The second Seize Ground wave of the Chaos Unleashed scenario. The goal is to capture 2 points on the top floor of the eastern and western building.

The wave is mixed, but Orks will focus on the western building while the Imperial Guard spawns under the top floor of the eastern building. An awful lot of ranged Orks, consisting of Rokkit Boyz, Shoota Boyz and Shoota Nobz, spawn in the south, both on the walkway and below it, taking positions with a good overview of the map, making taking cover somewhat difficult.

Also, an occasional 'Ard Boy will spawn, attacking the western point. The Imperial Guard will spawn on the ground underneath the eastern point, with Lasguns, Meltas and Chainswords and even a Psyker. They will move up the stairs and try to gain a foothold, so be aggressive when holding the eastern point.

After a while, even a few Space Marines with bolters will spawn and move up. This wave can be very difficult if one decides to freewheel, but a few tricks will make it very easy. The western point is under very heavy pressure from the orks, but there is a safe spot, behind three crates, where one must only deal with the 'Ard Boyz and occassionally a few lost rockets, but 1 Raptor or Tactical Melta will have a very easy time, so the other players can hold the eastern building.

The eastern top floor is best hold by letting 1 close range player hold the stairs, while the other 2 assist him and switch places with him if necessary. When both points are captured, carefully take out the remaining forces, because they can still be devastating. Sniping and area-of-effect weapons can clear the way for Raptors to attack, but play safe. This wave is fairly easy, nothing really needs to be covered here save to say get your group to Bravo towards the end of the wave.

Wave 17's objective is to capture point Bravo. You and your teammates can capture B while standing at the southern and northern outskirts of the point [example] doing so will allow you to beat back the incomming wave before they are upon you. It is best to stay at Bravo. You will have some orks spawn at the north and south entrances to bravo - mostly choppas, sometimes a squig, but they are easy enough to melta down. Wave 19's objectives will be capture points Charlie and Echo.