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I am a farm boy and I know where food comes from. I am a small business owner and know the importance of supporting local business and agriculture. Most importantly, I love food and I know how it helps people connect, relax, and build relationships.

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Before heading to Whitewater to study business and entrepreneurship, I attended culinary school. While there I heard this statistic: The number is even more significant if you remove franchised restaurants from that list. But amidst the success of NoMoreDorms. The first record of 'black sheep' in a derogatory sense that I can find in print is from an English Puritan who emigrated to America in , the appropriately named Thomas Shepard, in the evangelical text The Sincere Convert , Cast out all the Prophane people among us, as drunkards, swearers, whores, lyers, which the Scripture brands for blacke sheepe, and condemnes them in a Meanwhile, back in England, black sheep maintained the same status as black cats.

The long-standing English country tradition that black sheep are omens of good fortune remained until the 19th century. The Folk-Lore Record, , included this piece:.

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Baa, Baa, Black Sheep is one of the oldest English nursery rhymes and was first printed in Tommy Thumb's Pretty Song Book , circa and is certainly much older than the 18th century. The original printed form is almost the same as the version familiar today:.

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Bah, Bah a black Sheep, Have you any Wool? This effect has been shown in various intergroup contexts and under a variety of conditions, and in many experiments manipulating likeability and norm deviance.

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  • A prominent explanation of the black sheep effect derives from the social identity approach social identity theory [11] and self-categorization theory [12]. Group members are motivated to sustain a positive and distinctive social identity and, as a consequence, group members emphasize likeable members and evaluate them more positive than outgroup members, bolstering the positive image of their ingroup ingroup bias.

    Furthermore, the positive social identity may be threatened by group members who deviate from a relevant group norm. In addition, Eidelman and Biernat showed in that personal identities are also threatened through deviant ingroup members. They argue that devaluation of deviant members is an individual response of interpersonal differentiation.


    Even though there is widely support for the black sheep effect, the opposite pattern has been found, for example, that White participants judge unqualified Black targets more negative than comparable White targets e. For instance, the higher the identification with the ingroup, and the higher the entitativity of the ingroup, the more the black sheep effect emerges.

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Black sheep disambiguation. American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms.

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    Extremity of judgments towards ingroup members as a function of group identification". European Journal of Social Psychology.

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    Importance of the threatened social identity". Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. Motivated allocation of cognitive resources in the presence of threatening ingroup members".