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International Customers If you are located outside the U. A nice addition to the picture-book shelves, this story highlights the positive side as well as the challenges of dealing with younger siblings. Colored pencil and watercolor illustrations are clean and uncluttered yet cozy. The Dreamway by Lisa Papademetriou.

Mummy Time by Judith Kerr.

My Little Sister

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Scene of the Crime mystery fans. She strikes Marlowe with a gun, knocking him out. When he comes to, he finds the "retired optometrist" dead, also with an ice pick in his neck, and the room in disarray from a search. When he notifies the Los Angeles police of the murder, they recognise the victim as a minor player in organised crime. Based on a tip from the hotel detective, Marlowe comes to realise that the woman in the hotel room was Mavis Weld, a rising movie star. He goes to her apartment, where he meets Dolores Gonzales, another minor star.

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He trades innuendos with Dolores and offers to help Weld, but she throws him out. After using the claim check to retrieve a set of photos of Weld and a reputed gangster named Steelgrave, Marlowe visits her agent and makes him understand that, far from trying to blackmail the star, he may be able to help her.

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Through his investigations, Marlowe learns that the photos of Weld were taken by Orrin, Orfamay's missing brother. He also finds out that Orrin is now working with a shady doctor named Lagardie, who practices in Bay City.

My Little Sister and Me

Marlowe confronts Lagardie, but as they talk Marlowe is knocked unconscious by a drugged cigarette. When he comes to, he finds Orrin trying to get into the room. Orrin has been shot and, with his last ounce of strength, tries to stab Marlowe with an ice pick. This confirms Marlowe's suspicion that Orrin committed the other murders.

She tells him that she had been following him, had found her brother and called the police after Marlowe left. Marlowe is now summoned to the station, where the police are rough with him, but he stands firm and, after an interview with the District attorney , is released to "straighten things out" himself. Dolores Gonzales calls Marlowe to say he must come to Steelgrave's home in the Hollywood Hills immediately, hinting that Mavis Weld's life is in danger.


When Marlowe arrives, he finds Mavis is indeed there, but Steelgrave has been killed with a gun of the same type that Mavis used to threaten Marlowe in the hotel room, and of the same calibre as the gun used to shoot Orrin. Weld confesses to Marlowe that she killed Steelgrave and is ready to turn herself in. Marlowe convinces her to leave the gangster's home and then calls the police to report finding yet another body. Although initially angry, the police are ultimately grateful to have the case resolved with an end to a known gangster on whom they had no evidence and so could not hold.

When Mavis Weld's agent hires a society lawyer to defend her reputation, the police accept that they don't have a convincing case against anybody. Back in his office, Marlowe is visited by Orfamay one last time.

He also accuses Orfamay of killing Steelgrave, in revenge for Steelgrave's having killed Orrin at Lagardie's office. Realising there is still one loose thread, Marlowe visits Dolores Gonzales at her apartment and she confesses to engineering the crimes. It was she who killed Steelgrave, her former lover, who had left her for Mavis, and then she had told Mavis that her sister Orfamay did it. At first Marlowe finds it hard to believe that someone who seems so casual about sex could be so passionate.

Then he realises that he can't touch Dolores without destroying Mavis and her career and leaves, only to see Lagardie heading up to see her. Related News Kirin Kiki Dies: Share this Rating Title: Use the HTML below.

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You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Learn more More Like This. Maurizio del Piccolo, Roberto del Piccolo. Woods, Abby Wathen, Lindsae Klein. Inside the Wine Edit Cast Credited cast: The madwoman Alberto Corba Igor's father Astrid Di Bon David White voice Antonio Pauletta Little Sister Mattia Rosellini Edit Storyline A group of friends go against warnings not to camp in the local woods, where a legendary monster named Little Sister is rumored to exist.

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