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WWIC 2018 : 16th IFIP International Conference on Wired/Wireless Internet Communications

Thanks to Brian Oberkirch for the inspiration. Comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis would be an awesome guest for your podcast. I can possibly help with contact as he is my neighbor. Like Liked by 1 person. I loved this interview — wide-ranging, open, engaging and fun.

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Also want to say I appreciate the excellent show-notes and links that come with every podcast. A lot of valuable information in this podcast. I am married to a serial entrepreneur I really think this is an addiction for him but I am a play-it-safe, risk-averse individual.

Not surprisingly, this has caused tension even though, thanks to him, we live a lovely life. Your book his buy of course has really increased my understanding and appreciation for him, as well as made me more risk-loving. In particular the bit about getting only 70 or so tiny years of this billion-year universe … that got me. Why spend it afraid? Hit me up if you want help with this! I think this comes from your own natural curiousity and humility.

Thank you for continuing to find great guests and allowing them to tell their stories. Can I make a suggestion for your potential long-form writing project? Tim, I have listened to you for years and when you asked in this podcast for a writer to help you, I immediarely though of Betsy Vereckey, https: Mon 01 Oct Mar 18, - Mar 20, - Denton. Networked Systems Design and Implementation. Thu 20 Sep Wed 26 Sep Feb 25, - Feb 28, - Boston.

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Fri 28 Sep Mar 31, - Apr 2, - Stanford. International Conference on Smart Learning Environments. Mon 01 Oct Mar 18, - Mar 20, - Denton. Mar 28, - Mar 30, - San Jose. For literary magazine 'De Gids' I designed a series over patterns for their ePubs. Cover design and end paper design for publisher Uitgeverij de Buitenkant.

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Poem written for this occasion by K. Design is a This identity consists mainly of a graphic pattern based on the facades of the house. Floor design for a church 'Walking On Water'. The restoration of the Roman-Catholic church St. Bonifatius on Oostzijde in Zaandam started in The floor has only partially been restored to its original A case of severe machine love for the Axidraw: In the video below you see experiments this penplotter made for me during the first days of our blooming For magazine Wired Germany I designed this I enjoy working with an artdirector who gets me to use colours outside of my comfort Illustrations made for news website De Correspondent to accompany an article about mathematical words and expressions that sneak into our In Tracy Widdess from Brutal Knitting knitted my pattern.

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Tracy had intended to make it in to a sweater, but instead she decided to mail it to me. For Ventura Lambrate we re-designed their logo and designed this brochure with fold-out map for the Lambrate area during Salone del Mobile in Milano Friday February 19th is the launch of 'Dutch Alphabets', a freakishly beautiful assembly of lettersheets, published by Uitgeverij de Screenprint 35 x 50 cm, fluor pink and green-black ink on green paper, Playing around with new software for a client.