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She has found herself unable to have a child which led to her marriage ending. She goes on a trip with her sister, Louisa, to England to get away from all the heartache and soon finds herself on a bigger adventure than she ever imagined. While shopping one day she finds a clock.

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This clock has powers unknown to her. She is soon Let me start off by saying that the highest I can rate this book is a 5, but if I could rate it higher I would. She is soon transported from her time of to Lost and alone she finds herself in the care of Alex and Finlay Whitfield. Soon both men find themselves in love with Valerie and she must choose between the two men.

Her story from there is one of heartache and revival. I have read many time travel romances. I always read them and think I can never find one that's better than the last, but I was wrong. I found that in this book. This book was written so well. From beginning to end it sucked me in and I could not put it down. It was filled with history and romance. It made me happy and sad. It made me laugh and cry.

It was an amazing story. From the characters to the scenery to the history this book had it all. It was a colorful, interesting, insightful, and steamy read. It was all around a great book. I love coming across new authors and their works.

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This was a great treasure in my mind. This is only book 1 in this series and I can not wait to read more Jul 21, Cindy rated it really liked it. I was surprised that this book was as good as it was. I enjoyed how the book develops steadily and keeps you gu I was surprised that this book was as good as it was. I enjoyed how the book develops steadily and keeps you guessing. She did a great job in developing her characters and stays true to their personhood throughout.

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Sep 28, Wendy rated it really liked it Shelves: Confused and frightened she's offered a home and protection by Alexander Whitfield, although she quickly falls for his dashing and charming brother Finlay. When Finn, lead by a staunch belief that Catholics are being unfairly treated contributes to a dangerous and treacherous scheme that backfires bringing dea "The Hands of Time" a loosely-based historical romance heats up when Valerie Crane a divorcee haunted by her ex-husband's infidelity is swept back in time to Yealm Castle in the year When Finn, lead by a staunch belief that Catholics are being unfairly treated contributes to a dangerous and treacherous scheme that backfires bringing death to all involved, Valerie turns to Alexander in their grief and remorse only to wonder if love can live again in a broken heart with the brother who's kept his distance, loving her in silence.

Caught in a romantic triangle with two brothers who are both smitten, Valerie never expected to find love after her ex-husband in the modern world betrayed her. Set against the injustices of religious intolerance of that era and Guy Fawkes "Gunpowder Plot" the plot quickly heats up when Valerie falls for the impulsive Finn whose beliefs lead him on a destructive path that could lead to death and the financial ruin of his family.

Although an interesting story line with a poisoning, political plotting and storm on the high seas there's a lack of buildup in intensity and suspense in the calamities that befall the family. There is also a lack of realism as the era was governed by strict decorum and code of behaviour which would have labelled Valerie as a wanton when she has sex with Finn.

However these problems do not delineate from the enjoyment of the romance.

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The plot switches between the past and present with a dash of mystery that includes an antique ormolu clock set 4 hours ahead, a student who disappeared thirty years before and a painting of Louisa's missing sister that suddenly shows up in the gallery where she works. But the main plot revolves around Valerie's life and romances in Swiftly the story progresses to a climax that promises another book in" the Hands of Time" series. Valerie Crane is the bitter and angry woman whose ex-husband betrayed her. Swept back in time she's scared and perplexed, not knowing where she is or who to trust.

A passionate, spirited but shy young woman she succumbs to Finn's flirtatious charm and ends up having an affair that quickly is followed by a marriage proposal. Alexander Whitfield is the thoughtful, intelligent steadfast but melancholy older brother who's haunted by the loss of his wife and finds it hard to show his feelings. Yet in the end it's Alexander's unwavering commitment and love that wins Valerie's heart. These main characters infuse the drama with passion, depth and a complexity that breathes life into the story.

I liked " The Hands of Time" with its time travel, romance and dash of mystery. Although I would only rate it a 3. Sep 24, Jeanne Johnston rated it it was ok. Ever since I read Outlander eons ago, there seems to have been an explosion of time travel romances yes, I know Christopher Reeve in Somewhere in Time predates all of them by another eon, but that's a movie. Some are halfway clever.

This seemed to leave the mechanism of the incident as a minor thing, though I see by the teaser afterwards that it was designed to drag out into another story or more. Somehow, I feel like I've got the gist and don't need to bother. Oct 23, Donna rated it it was amazing Shelves: It is no secret that I love time travel and historical romances.

This book was right down my alley. I loved the time travel plot. Aside from her first husband whom I disliked immensely , I loved the characters. I also liked how she sent her message to her sister in the present time. Book 2 is definitely going onto my TBR list.

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Jul 11, Pamela Walton rated it it was amazing. Jul 12, Vicki Scullion rated it really liked it. A nice light, time-travel romance. The history is well-researched and the plot moves swiftly along through the time of the Guy Fawkes rebellion in England and the early colonial times in Virginia. The characters could have been developed a bit more, but overall, I enjoyed this novel. Mar 08, Mickie Danner rated it liked it. Interesting time travel read. She seemed to be emotionally detached times. I loved how she was able to send a message to her sister thru a painting.

We'll see how the 2nd book in the series goes. Jul 30, joan dawson rated it really liked it. A good read The Hands of Time had lots of twist and turns and the three main characters where all you need in a good book. Sep 02, Blanca Alonso rated it really liked it. I like this paranormal romance. Dec 15, Anne rated it it was amazing. Wow, this book was one I couldn't put down. I loved the story from beginning to end, especially the end. I thought it was just a missing person's story.

It was so much more. Aug 06, Leslie Colton rated it really liked it. The hands of time Good lite reading, set in a period of history that I love, has just the right amount of twists to keep you interested. Aug 03, Margaret Beteag rated it it was amazing. Wonderful I enjoyed this story quite a bit. I like how it moves quickly, but I don't want it to end! Jan 16, Karen rated it really liked it. It's a solid beginning to a series I will eventually read. I'm confident that each one will be better than the last with character development and longer story lines.

Sep 06, Kathy Brickert rated it really liked it. I liked it, but was sad. Mar 21, Robin Martin rated it really liked it Shelves: Currently obsessing over this series. Yeah, we were pretty horrible.

Turn Back the Hands of Time

Maybe we should apologize. I wish we could turn back the hands of time and undo what we did to them. Two coworkers use the expression while talking about their children. My kids are getting older so fast! My youngest is already 8 years old! I know what you mean! It seems like just yesterday I was holding my children in my arms as little babies.

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