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Read reviews that mention separation anxiety quiet moments waste of money peanut butter year old work well like the taste car rides month old jack russell recommended dosage highly recommend within 30 minutes half hour works great sleep through the night car ride calming aid loves the taste recommended dose. Showing of 1, reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. These help my Miniature Pinscher get through football ' games. She hates happiness, clapping, cheering, people hugging, singing, squirrels, our Parakeets, motorcycles, people, the Netflix screen, vacuum cleaner, when people leave, and dancing.

She's a Villan, these calming treats help her find the good in life and refrain from the dark side for a few hours. My Yorkie has extreme social anxiety. Taking her in public is a nightmare and even having people over to our apartment is a major ordeal. As soon as someone looks at her, she goes into a barking fit and cannot be calmed down. However, once she gets used to a new person, all she wants to do is cuddle and give them kisses. We adore her and want to be able to bring her with us places, but it's stressful for all of us.

I bought these on a Tuesday, gave them to her before her vet appointment, and the vet seemed extremely impressed with how much more laid back she was. I didn't know if it was just a fluke, so I tried them again before bringing her to the groomer that Thursday. We've had bad experiences with grooming before picking her up, she's shaking, the groomer is annoyed, etc so I made sure to warn this new groomer of her anxiety and behavioral problems well before the appointment. I was blown away.

I picked her up about 15 minutes later and took her to the counter to pay. There was a whole new swarm of people there, all looking at her. Normally, this triggers a fit.

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She was absolutely silent and didn't shake at all I got in the car and almost started crying, I was so relieved. We've tried SO many things to help her anxiety and this is the only thing that has provided her with a sense of calm. I would recommend these to anyone! I did not receive any sort of compensation for this review and the product was paid for with my own money.

Very good at calming down dogs that are insane. We have two hyper pitbulls that love barking and spazzing at everything, and like the children that they are they will not want to go to sleep EVER because they think they're going to miss something awesome which they never end up doing because we don't do anything. Anyway these work great for them. I was reluctant at first because melatonin has never done a thing for me when I tried it not these but ones for humans, obviously but this knocks them out pretty hard after about an hour.

They're absolutely great when a storm is just starting or when you need them calm because you need your sleep. If your dog is a hyper spazzoid freak like mine give these a shot. Hopefully I don't find out down the line this is a bad product to give to dogs because so far it seems too good to be true. I've read online that products especially made for dogs in low doses aren't harmful so I'm going to assume this is true until I read otherwise. My Dachshund is a rescue and has anxiety especially when I leave her alone. Even though I am retired and with her most of the time, she is still anxious.

I've been using this product for several months and it has helped tremendously! My dog used to get really anxious any time we road in the car and would vomit every time, unless she was riding on my lap. I've started giving her one of these calming treats about a half hour before we go anywhere and she hasn't barfed at all since!

She actually seems to enjoy the car rides now too and loves looking out the window. Made for a happy puppy and a happy puppy momma with a barf free car! We have a 13yo dog who has been scared of thunderstorms ever since she was a puppy. We have tried a number of products to help her calm down and found these treats to be one of the best. We try and give pieces preferably before a storm, but sometimes it is given after the storm starts when it comes unexpectedly. Our dog weighs about 40lbs, so the package will last a while. I am especially impressed with this product because it doesn't give any sedating type effects, but does seem to help the dog stay more calm during high anxiety times.

I give this to my wild yorkie when he decides he wants to be a little bit extra crazy.

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He loves them and he actually calms down, not drugged or anything just a nice active but calm and quiet little chewchew: Been giving these to our year-old dog for years. Our grumpy old pup sometimes has trouble sleeping at night but these bedtime treats really help.

They seem to help with relaxation but no noticeable grogginess or impairment when our dog takes them. We've really only used these at night and on long car trips but they are effective. Even though they smell sorta foul, he enjoys them. Easily chewable for a dog with just a few teeth left. Reasonably priced and like that they have natural ingredients.

See all 1, reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. After a few months, they developed a natural joint formula that went on to give Winston a second chance and more than 10 years of active life with his family and siblings. The NaturVet product line now includes almost solutions designed to support the health and well-being of dogs, cats and horses. Spanning a wide range of needs, including health concerns, nutritional support, behavioral issues, potty training and much more, NaturVet's products are designed to ensure the superior quality of life all pets deserve.

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Since , a percentage of NaturVet sales have gone to the NaturVet Foundation—a non-profit, completely volunteer-run organization that supports pet rescue groups and their life-saving efforts. Their goal is to help save the lives of homeless pets by educating the public about the value of caring for animals and raising funds for no-kill shelters and humane societies. I lost my Pitbull 2 months ago, stressed my abused rescue boxer out tremendously not having her there. Then my husband works offshore and he left and Rocco was just lost. So , yesterday I gave him 2 soft chews. He is 77 lbs but I wanted to see how he reacted.

He slept by my side all afternoon.

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Then I had to go out late and did not get home till pm. Oh , he was undone. I should have given him 2 more chews before I left. But, I am her to tell you they definitely work and decrease there anxiety!

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I recommend them to anyone who has a dog that suffers from anxiety. My pup has a bit of anxiety. He's a 2 months old, 22lbs male Aussiedoodle and although he's pretty big for a pup, he's afraid of things that should be fun at times - like parks. We don't give him these to go to the park, only stating for reference. So when he needs to go to sleep on his own at night in his crate and he can't fathom not being close to us or when we have to take a pretty distant car ride, we've given him these chewables which he really likes and help him some.

Will be buying again. I can't say enough wonderful things about this product. I adopted a 7-year-old German Shepherd who'd been used for breeding. When the shelter got her, they went to spay her and found she was in her third trimester. She lost the pups, and her hormones were all over the place, not also to mention she was very anxious and just could not relax. She whined constantly beyond what is normal for an animal adjusting to wildly new circumstances and just could not relax.

It was hearbreaking to witness. A friend of mine suggested these chews, so I got them. I gave her 4 she's 70 pounds and in two hours she started to relax. She hadn't slept properly in days, nor had she lay down really, nor relaxed I can't say enough wonderful things about this product. She hadn't slept properly in days, nor had she lay down really, nor relaxed at all, but she stopped whining as much and was much more receptive to direction.

In a few days with a lot of energy-draining activity and training, and of course one 4-chew dose every morning she began to calm down a bit. I know there was adjustment and hormones involved there, but the chews helped take down her anxiety just enough so that she and I! Thank you for this product. It's been a miracle for us. My guess is if you have a small dog these are more effective. We have a very active Standard Poodle puppy toddler actually - 6 months and see mixed results.

He's like a Roman Candle - once he's almost burned out, these work well. If he's not they seem to have no effect. He likes them, and if he's anxious about going in his downstairs crate they seem to help. So I wouldn't criticize them, but don't expect miracles.

They seem to work about half the time, and they're not enough to put a dent in my dog's anxiety when she's in the red zone. But while they're not strong enough to help there, they interestingly are strong enough to completely knock her out if her anxiety is more mild, or if she's just restless and nervous. Our neighbor often has loud parties, and ever since a couple of party guests got into our yard and threw rocks at our dog when we heard the commotion and came out and confronted them, they said she deserved it because she's a pit bull , she gets nervous whenever she hears the music.

Needless to say, police were called and we had a long, not-so-polite talk with our neighbor. But that's not extreme anxiety for her, so when we give her these treats, they totally knock her out and she sleeps constantly. In situations of extreme anxiety, like going to the vet or groomer, these don't make a single bit of difference.