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The top notes are West Indian bay, bergamot, and pink pepper. The heart notes are jasmine, heliotrope, and almond. You are running a high risk of losing the case if no sufficient evidence is provided. Spice up your life with this new fragrance from Lalique. Living was released in The photos are used for illustration purposes only.

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This is a new fragrance. Living Lalique was launched in This page informs you of our policies regarding the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information we receive from users of the Site.

Every stylish woman must perles. Such colors may look slightly brighter or darker on different monitor screens as well. This feminine scent possesses a blend of mandarin, orange blossom, magnolia, cedar, oak, and warm vanilla.

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In the top are notes of peach and apricot. The heart contains rose absolute and osmanthus. Lalique Fleur de Cristal is a delicate floral scent that was launched in by the design house of Lalique. A great choice for the sensitive, graceful woman, this refined fragrance adds a touch of innocence and femininity to your casual wear. By DonAthos Started November By merjet Started August 5. By Nicky Started Thursday at By William O Started Thursday at By Yes Started Friday at By Veritas Started Thursday at By Grames Started November Rate this topic 1 2 3 4 5.

Posted August 28, It's one of my all-time favorite passages from literature: After all, what is a kiss? A vow made at closer range A more precise promise A confession that contains its own proof A seal placed on a pact that has already been signed It's a secret told to the mouth rather than to the ear A fleeting moment filled with the hush of eternity A communion that has the fragrance of a flower A way of living by the beat of another heart And tasting another soul on one's lips! And what is a kiss, when all is done? A promise given under a seal — a vow Taken before the shrine of memory A signature acknowledged — a rosy dot Over the i of Loving — a secret whispered To listening lips apart — a moment made Immortal, with a rush of wings unseen — A sacrament of blossoms, a new song Sung by two hearts to an old simple tune — The ring of one horizon around two souls Together, all alone!

Here's the passage from that edition: A kiss, when all is said — what is it? And what is a kiss, specifically?


A pledge properly sealed, A promise seasoned to taste, A vow stamped with the immediacy of a lip, A rosy circle drawn around the verb 'to love. I'm functionally illiterate in French, but here it is: I plugged the passage into Google's awkward but often useful translation machine , and got this: A kiss, but with all to take, which is? An oath makes a little more closely, a precise promise Plus, a consent which wants to be confirmed, A pink point which one puts on the I of the verb to like; It is a secrecy which takes the mouth for ear, One moment of infinite which makes a noise of bee, A communion having a taste of flower, A way of breathing the heart a little, And to a little taste, at the edge of the lips, the heart!

Some of the above passages were re-formatted by me for consistency and ease of reading. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Peikoff is familiar with french, though. Posted August 29, Here are two other versions, the first by Henderson Daingerfield Norman, the second by Louis Untermeyer: A kiss, what is it, after all?

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Promise more perfect, vows that closer fall. A troth deep plighted seeking form to prove;-- A rosy o writ in the verb to love; Whispers for lips, not ears; infinity Set to the harping of a honey bee. A chalice like the dew-drop in a flower. Hearts learn to breathe; Love gives them this new power. And rising to the lips, the soul can drink. A kiss, when all is said, iswhat? A compact sealed, a promise carried out. An oath accomplished and a vow confirmed.

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The rosy dot upon the "i" in "loving. The velvet humming of an amorous bee: Most frequent English dictionary requests: Please click on the reason for your vote: This is not a good example for the translation above. The wrong words are highlighted. It does not match my search.

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