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Get to Know Us. Maybe the fight scenes were intentionally ridiculous but I much prefer realistic fight scenes. Overall, not my cup of tea.

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That being said I really enjoyed the opening 10 minutes of the film. The scene when he comes home after work is great. Brawl in Cell Block 99 is the long awaited sophomoric effort from the brilliant S. Craig Zahler, the director of the surprise hit Bone Tomahawk. Brawl in Cell Block 99 tells the story of Bradley Thomas played by an unrecognizable and equally amazing Vince Vaughn , a former boxer whose life is in a bit of a downward spiral. After he is let go from his mechanic job, he comes home to find his wife carrying on an extramarital affair.

After dismantling her car with impressive accuracy, Bradley makes up with his wife Laura Jennifer Carpenter and the two decide to continue their marriage but Bradley wants to dabble into the criminal underworld in order to provide his future family the life they deserve. Fast forward a couple months, Laura is pregnant and Bradley is a drug runner. When a deal goes south and forces Bradley to get arrested and lose the shipment which results with him getting a light prison sentence at a cushy prison.

After being visited by a drug czar's henchmen, Bradley is told that Laura and his unborn child will die if Bradley does not kill an inmate in Cell Block Without giving too much more away, Bradley then becomes a one-man wrecking crew that is willing to do vile and brutal things to ensure the lives of his family are safe. First off, this film is violent Bone Tomahawk is a great companion piece to this film. It is very similar in the set up and the pay off is much the same but prolonged for this film.

The film takes a good long while to kick off but when it does, it turns into one of the fastest paced action thrillers I've seen in a long time. It is almost as if it is two different films. The first part of the film is very grounded drama with crime elements within it. Then after Udo Kier's character leaves, it is like a storm erupts. This storm brings brutal violence, extreme gore and Vince Vaughn's impressive fighting skills and puts them on display for everyone to see in its uncensored glory. This film is amazing by every stretch of the imagination.

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It takes it's time with the story and immerses us within this world that Zahler carefully crafts with his script, production design and actors. We slowly become a part of this world which bodes well because I can't imagine this world going over well with someone just dropped into it. To quicken the pace would be to cheapen the work here.

I'm a huge proponent of a lean running time but I was able to overlook the seemingly bloated minute run time because everything was so damn well done, it didn't feel long at all. Furthermore, Zahler's love of one take fight scenes really shines here and it really gets the blood pumping. Seeing a quick edited action sequence up against something like this?

There is no comparison and I wouldn't be surprised if more action directors take a page out of Zahler's vision. Overall, Brawl in Cell Block 99 could have me going on for days upon days on how much I enjoyed it. It is a perfect balance between realism and pulp fiction, drama and brutality, production design and overall direction. It feels like a better movie than it will probably get credit for and showcases Vince Vaughn in a career changing performance that is bound to leave your jaw on the floor with how amazing he is in both a dramatic and physical sense.

I can't recommend this movie enough especially if you're a fan of action films. It is far and away one of the best films I've seen this year. Calgy69 20 October I read the reviews, the constant applause and praise for this film. How good the fights were and the great acting. What film has everyone watched because what I see was a B movie at best with terrible acting, a story line that was predictable and the fight choreography has got to be the worst I've seen. Vaughn cannot do fight scenes, he is extremely awkward and very slow, and considering the film hints he has a history of fighting I would've believed that Mr Bean was a UFC fighter more!

I watched this movie constantly repeating that question to myself, I can't believe i was fooled by a reviewer here that actually stated this was the best movie They'd seen all year.

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There are scenes that are so bad i couldn't tell if they've intentionally been put in there for comedic effect or they were intended to be serious. One such scene is when the main character Bradley played by Vaughn dives into a body of water only to re emerge seconds later bone dry. It was honestly like an amateur teenager had directed it and spent the entire budget on Vaughn's fee. By the end they couldn't even be bothered to use any special effects and opted to use crash test dummies.

It takes more than shocking violence to make a movie, i've seen it being compared to a Tarantino flick but at least his movies have substance and great quotable dialogue. Fans of B-movies may enjoy but for me it was so bad it became comical. Vince Vaughn's southern accent is laughably bad. His dialogue is even worse. The cross tattoo on his head is obviously fake. The fight scenes are poorly choreographed and stilted, and Vaughn's punches are slow and calculated which makes it impossible to believe he is a trained fighter. The sound effects are comical, especially in the beginning when every step Vaughn takes sounds like a rubber mallet on a hardwood floor.

I was groaning all throughout the movie and only finished watching it to see how bad it could really get. Leex 19 October I am perplexed by all the good reviews here, a more suspicious mind might suspect some kind of scam This film was horrific for all the wrong reasons, a dead at birth script of such dullness that was only matched by the actors attempts to kill it even more; everyone seemed to be on tranquillisers, lurching around like Frankensteins' monster.

The story arc just did not make sense either, just random cause and effect and illogical consequences The director must have another day job and lets hope he returns to it ASAP. As for Vince Vaughn, this attempt at playing it straight is maybe his most laughable role yet. I want my 2 hours back! Vince was just extraordinary. Very slow and drawn out film which ends in a predictable manner. Completely unrealistic of the American prison system, but maybe possible in a third world country.

Lots of poorly done gore and fake skull crushing throughout the film which would be normal for a sub-par script without A-list actors. Vince Vaughn is a big guy, but it is unbelievable that he has the strength to overpower guards and cartel killers.

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This film is a straight to video piece of garbage that will waste over two hours of your viewing time. It's one of those films, it's so bad you actually have to watch it until the end just to see how low it can stoop. I've no idea who the Director is, but I can only hope he turns his hand to painting and decorating in the future.

Super disappointed, boring, lame, and waste of my time, the good reviews are for sure paid reviews, stay away from this movie. I didn't even know that the main character was Vince Vaughn until I came here to write a review! The first few lines of diologue screamed B-Movie at me, so I just assumed it looked a bit like him To illustrate how touch-and-go this movie is, there was a scene with Christian Rock blaring in Vaughn's car when he was doing a drug deal, and I thought it was going to be one of those religious conversion movies, you know the type - financed by a parish collection plate from a small church.

So I kept watching for the lols. If you listen to this movie without watching, as I did when I had to rest my eyes from the gaudiness of the set and you can't tap into how wooden, corny and ridiculous the dialogue is, then you are probably under 16 years of age. This is dialogue by numbers, written by someone who can't count, for people who don't want to.

But oh, if you actually watch the movie, everything, the set design right down to the effing sound effects, then you really get a sense of how utterly misguided this madness is. Look, I am not out to rain on anyone's parade, I am just totally miffed at how this movie can get a 7. Maybe the movie industry is employing troll factories now as well.

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Watch only for the agony. When the tow truck driver and former boxer Bradley Thomas Vince Vaughn is fired from his job, he decides to work transporting drugs for his friend Gil Marc Blucas to have a better life with his wife Lauren Thomas Jennifer Carpenter. Bradley is a family man and eighteen months later, Lauren is pregnant of a girl.

Gil decides to associate to the drug dealer Eleazar Dion Mucciacito against Bradley's will. When he goes to bring a shipment of drugs with two men from Eleazar's gang, they do not follow his instructions and they stumble upon the police. Bradley protects the police officers killing one of the gangsters and is arrested. Bradley does not rat Gil and is sent to a medium security prison for a seven-year sentence.

Two days later, Bradley is visited by a mysterious man that tells that Lauren has been kidnapped by Eleazar, who lost his shipment and two men in the operation. He tells that Bradley must kill an inmate called Christopher Bridge that is inmate in the cell Block 99 of a maximum security prison. Otherwise Lauren will be submitted to a surgery to remove the limbs of her baby that will be sent to him. What will Bradley do? This genre usually produces good films and series and "Brawl in Cell Block 99" is no exception. However this film is more graphic than most of them and the underrated Vince Vaughn has an extraordinary performance in one of his best roles.

The plot is realistic and scary, and Bradley Thomas is an intriguing character, family man with moral values and extremely brutal when necessary. My vote is seven. I went into this movie with pretty low expectations, but I said I'd watch it with my boyfriend. He's a far more lenient and understanding film critic than I am, and he actually apologised for asking me to watch it!

I like the concept of the film - the storyline has real potential, but from the moment Vaughan's character starts getting himself into deep trouble, knowing that his beloved pregnant wife is at home, things get real silly. He seems to have decided at some point that his existence in their lives wasn't necessary, or that he wasn't necessary, and the rest of the movie basically plays out with reckless abandon.

And I mean bad, obviously rubber mask rubber masks. I found myself laughing and shaking my head a lot. The characters seem shallow and temporary to me. I know that Zahler's first film "Bone Tomohawk" is known for showing some really strong violence and gore, but in this film it was just a poor attempt at B grade-esque visuals, so there was literally nothing there for me.

It's one of those movies that I feel was actually a waste of time. I have seen lots of positive reviews here but I have to say, I just don't understand why at all. By the time the credits rolled, I just couldn't really work out what I had just watched but I knew it wasn't good. The movie gets off to a promising start but quickly spirals into one laughable set piece after another. I love Vince Vaughn and for the first 30 minutes of the movie you are genuinely invested in his character and the development of the movies plot but once his character finds himself back in prison, the gigantic plot holes and laughable action scenes completely ruin the movie.

Without spoiling too much, the basis of the story line involve Vaughn's character trying to locate a particular inmate who he has been blackmailed to eliminate for some criminals on the outside. To do this, Vaughn needs to make sure he is relocated to the maximum security prison wing where the Target is located by causing as much trouble as possible. What ensues in Vaughn's seemingly indestructible character flawlessly and effortlessly beating up an entire prison yard of gang members, snapping prison guards arms in half, stamping on people faces till their heads crush, scraping peoples faces across the concrete until there no skin left and just skull showing, snapping legs in half, crushing heads in doors, stamping on people heads over a toilet bowl until their entire head comes off and anything else that you can think of that should usually make you wince but just makes you laugh because it all looks so bad.

You are supposed to believe Vaughn is locked inside a maximum security prison yet he somehow keeps finding himself alone with groups of guards and criminals who he is able to dispose of easily and slowly and without taking any significant damage himself. Vaughn looks and feels like a real tough guy in the movie so the idea of him being in prison and getting into fights with the other inmates and guards seems completely believable but it all ends being executed so badly that I was just shaking my head and laughing for most of the movie.

There's a such thing as good trash. This tries to be good trash. It only gets the trash part right. It's one of the most slow moving B movies I've seen. No cool shots or cinematography. Not one good scene. Not one good performance. Laughable and boring violence which takes almost an hour and a half to even start. I have no idea what all those people liked about it. Super low budget movies can be cool.

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This movie is just a pathetic failure from top to bottom. One of the biggest turds I've seen in a while.

I hope everyone who made it lives to see their favorite people die in preventable accidents. I hoped at the end there would be a twist to make the movie worth watching but there isn't. There's a lot of gore. Not just fighting but straight gore. The characters seem stunted, almost retarded in some way.