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If you haven't been curious enough to press the little icon with the flower on it next to the unlock slider then perhaps you should. It displays a slide show of all the pictures on your iPad, turning it into a digital picture frame. Just make sure there is nothing embarrassing on there first.

Using the picture frame settings, it is possible to change the transition between photos from a dissolve to a kind of folding action, the time each photo is displayed and the order. How can I get a new job without using her name because on all applications they ask you where you were last employed.

She would not give a fair recommendation for me. It feels like she is pitting herself against me for some reason. Thanks for your advice. I work for a small home health company I have been there for 6years it is Medicare certified for a long time there was only 3 RNs and 1 LPN he held the agency together now a new supervisor is hired and she came from another agency that closed and brought a crew of her nurses with her.

She accused me of not writing a doctors order and said she had to put it in and lied about it when I put it in at in morning. The office staff is in chaos and alot of mistakes are made in administration with our pay. I got cranky with the scheduler but then apologized right after. I also got written up for being cranky with the scheduler.

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The new nurses are taking all the long time nurses hours does seniority count anymore? If there is another level you can escalate this to, I would do so. Other than that there is not much I can do for you. Hi there I worked at a local liquor store here in Odessa Texas. My manager is real favorable to her mom. The mom had come at me once before like she was going to attack me. I reported my manager for putting fraudulent statements on insurance claim notes and she has retaliated in full force…even making up errors and changing my reviews…she is trying to get me to quit by intimidating.

Everyone on my team is afraid of her. She called me into her office and asked me if I had sent him home and I told her no, that he needed to make that decision. She called me into her office a few days later and asked about a project that I was working on. She then calls me into her office and tells me that she is demoting me and to not worry about the techs. Then she starts talking about tenants at the complex, like she is a crazy person or I wish we could get rid of him or her because they are just crazies. Things got so bad that I finally put a 30 day notice in. She again starts talking about a contractor that is a friend of mine.

She states to several people in the office that he is just an idiot and a worthless excuse for a man. Is is very disrespectful to me. She even went so far as to add to the job application online that back stabbing will not be tolerated, I know she was referencing me because I went to her boss. I never wanted to leave but nothing is getting done about what she says or does. Yes my partner has boss calls the names and tells the how worthless they are as a third party what can I do or who. I contact about this is you could please email me back thank you. Gail, I am not sure what I can tell you.

Depending on what is being done you can report the bosses. Or you can get an attorney to guide you. My manager physically abused me…it haunts me. I am an elderly worker. She physically pushed me across a room and more! I have been with this company for almost 2 years as a medical assistant. Our COO called me into her office over rumours she said she heard.

At that time i became quiet because i knew they wouldnt believe anything i said and because i was being threatened and belittled by not only the COO and her girlfriend but also by their bestfriend who is also a supervisor. Since that meeting the COO tries to intimidate me by walking up really close to me for no reason at all and not saying a word to me. Just yesterday she tried saying i got a attitude with her because i said my patient rooms were too hot because she was trying to turn on the heater. I just need some guidance. They do everything right and he threatens their job if they do one little mistake even thought we are all human we all make mistakes!

For the last 7 weeks I have been bullied by one of the owners of the company I worked for. Being given tasks and having to do them repeatedly because she would change up then being wrote up for not completing tasks in time.

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At one point, she got physical and slapped my tablet it if my hands. Being blamed for things she did and starting rumors about me. When I finally spoke up and told her that I would not allow her to test me this way or speak to me that way, she fired me. Her husband, Co owner, told me he was sorry and that there was nothing he could do. A lady showed up through the drive through and had to wait 6 minits. She came in and yelled at me. I have emotional disability that causes me to self harm,anxiety attack,panic attack,and crying.

She got in my personal space I asked her nicely to please back away as for I was uncomfortable she said I own this restraint and no this is my bubble and I can step in it if I want to. She made things worse and went got me kicked out of my job. Now I may not have one anymore. I work in Pa. At work I was verbally attacked by a co worker, I was not threatened but was called a bitch.

This man was yelling and in my face. I went to HR to file a complaint and expressed to her how I did not want the main boss to be involved because he has expressed his dislike for me and is friends with my verbal attacker. After I left her office she immediately went to the main boss who pulled me in his office alone and basically told me nothing was going to come of it and that I need to just think of it as never happening. The main boss is a bully and thinks it is comical to make employees cry. He is extremely inappropriate and seems untouchable.

Even though the boss did not threaten me, I felt he was intimidating me to not complain again about it. Do I have any rights here? I work for Home Depot in New Hampshire. Recently HD promoted an individual to ASM and placed him on 3rd shift This was a total surprise to everyone who has worked with him at his previous store.

As a team we have gone to management and reported extreme safety issues, abusive behavior directed at specific associates. He has an uncontrollable temper to the point I have taken self-defense classes. However, I do not feel that I am the one that should be giving up my job and position. His attitude is that we just do not like him. Store management is aware of his behavior, but it is out of sight out of mind as they do not work with him. What can we, as a group do regarding such an individual. Most of us have 5, 10, 20 years with the company and are looking for new employment because of one individual.

Associates do not want to leave, but we are also not there to be abused either. Friday one called me a bitch.. I started to walk away when he yells go home faggot.. I have been threatened on numerous occasions to be fired from my position. Since then, I have been talked to condescending, talked down to, accused of lying and not doing enough work. Can someone please help me.

I have an appointment with my doctor to be placed on anxiety medication. If you want to know how to make extra money, search for: I have either one or two possible reason why. The first being I entered into a relationship with a co worker 4 months prior to being terminated. No complaints of us interacting at work we understood we had a job to do. Or 2 being that he has never really took to kindly to the places I am from, height, and consistently criticized me about drug use whenever all i have ever done is smoked pot.

He hired people for holiday help and they were caught out back smoking crack but proceeds to label me with the name of a crack head. The girl and i are no longer together and I am currently losing my apartment within 5 days. I have been actively seeking work and filing all my applications. This has been over the course of 4 years working with him and despite no matter what was said I still showed to work the next day. Especially whenever I care ab litt the company. He disagrees that he meant any of it to hurt me but there has been times he beats me down so much mentally that I feel like I cant fo anything.

He makes sexual comments about customers with another coworker who has been his friend for years and then laugh and try to bring me in on it which I am not okay with. But he is so hot headed and if he is having a bad day prepared to be chewed out. For discrimination harassment and possibly even sexual harassment. I was a shift runner for the dominos i work at but would also be a delivery driver. At the beginning of my shift on Fridays I would clock in as a shift runner and halfway through the day I would clock out and clock bacl in as a driver.. When I clocked out at the end of the night when they were counting my money I was short on what I was supposed to take home, according to my calculation.

My general manager then took a closer look at what the computer showed. He then told me that it was bc I clocked in under two different positions, so it assigned me two banks although I only received one. His attitude towards me then got worse. I went to him about the way that I was being treated by the manager who replaced. I have been denied training that has been bought and paid for by my company for the former supervisors in my role.

No explanation can be given for not allowing this training. I have brought this up numerous times in emails and in meetings. I have been told a meeting will be setup to discuss your training later. I have been told training is strategic and needs to be thought out. I was told in person that the City does not support your training. We are 11 months in and Boss is denying something that was put in my evaluation that would be provided.

Boss is stunting my development on purpose and keeping me stagnant. I feel this is discrimination or harassment. I have been to upper management with this. Was told bring it up in your eval. Was told the Boss would get a talking at appropriate time. I filed a formal complaint now so they are looking into it.

Problem is the investigation will be by the person or persons who never looked into it when I brought it up 2 months ago. Very frustrated any help or advice. I have worked for an abusive boss for 24 years and counting. There are to many things to mention but I can say it has affected my married my daily life and my well being. I only hope that other people in my situation can adjust in their conditions and faith to get through the abuse.

It is not only me but other co workers have been abused as well. Small business owners whom have been given good opportunities step on as many people the can to get to their goals. I work as a Manager for a grocery store. He has banned my husband from all of his properties half the town and spreads rumors about him to everyone in town.

He has friends on the police force and my husband has been pulled over and searched 10 times this month. He told me that me and my kids could move into an apartment right above his main office but not my husband we were evicted. When I refused, he began being horrible to me. I was wrote up and demoted. Now, I have to sit back and keep my mouth closed while the employees I manage talk bad about me and make fun of me. He tells them all of my business, both professional and personal.

He cut my pay from salaried down to hourly without telling me. My next paycheck will be a quarter of what I made. Do I have a claim here or do I just need to take it and keep my mouth closed? My husband works for a horrible boss. Daily, he gets emails threatening his job, multiple phone calls a day being screamed at and cussed at. They want him to cut corners so they can make their numbers. He is also very good at his job so they have piled on more than double the work load that other employees have that have been with the company longer and have the same job title as him.

They actually had a sit down meeting about it. My husband has never had any anxiety issues in his life but Because of this boss he has developed panic attacks, anxiety and high blood pressure which he now needs medication for. Is there anything we can do because his health is being negatively effected because of how his boss treats him. Is there action I can take? I was unaware that I was supposed to work. I work in an assisted living facility. But she cant threaten me like that right?

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I worked for a retail corporation company. I was an assistant manager. My general manager on many occasion made it clear to me that she can get away with anything as she has a sexual relationship with the district manager. She realized how great I worked so she was leaving all the heavy lifting work for me and just hung around all day playing on her phone receiving inappropriate texts from multiple people including our district manager.

I got ahold of him before my shift for the day began. When I came in for my shift she was very irritated because he told her to do the work. She asked me to help her in the cooler. I told her yes but that I needed to get my sweater. And proceeded to rip product out of my hand push me out of the cooler and chest butted me raising her hand in a threatening manner.

I felt confused and shocked and not safe. I walked away from her went on register for a few minutes and broke down in fear and shock of what just happened. So I punched out and left. I talked to the DM and he did not care. He wanted me to go back and work things out with her. I told him I felt unsafe being around her he refused to transfer me so I asked for HRs number.

It took him hours to get me the number. Well by the time I had gotten ahold of HR they first thing off the jump tell me that even if she assaulted me that she was not getting reprimanded but they would investigate it anyways. I told them I asked for a transfer. By that point I realized my safety or concerns were disregarded. I received a call a few days later that I was approved a transfer but by that point I decided to resign as my safety was not a concern and I feared retaliation.

I have been denied unemployment benefits. My husband also worked for the company and due to my lack of employment we lost our car and getting to work was hard. The dm said he would look into it but also told him to expect the police to come knocking on our door as security was doing an audit due to inventory shortage at the store he was at and questioned some purchases my husband made. My husband told the DM that he made all his purchases and had 3 ways of proving it.

Police never showed and never received anything in the mail. The general manager at that store is very close friends with the dm. And we have seen the GM leave with items not purchased and as my husband resigned the day before the investigation it was likethey used him as an escape goat. For the past 6 Months I have been Verbally abused everyday by my job foreman. Yet nothing was ever done. Still treated like a dog.

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What should I do.? I need my job. Four Ways to do Environmental Scanning. I have been in human resources for over 30 years, both as a practitioner and consultant. I am a senior HR consultant. I am also an instructor at the University of Georgia School for Professional Education teaching human resources management. They inspire employees to dedicate themselves to the success of their peers and therefore to the community—and company—at large. Average bosses want employees to do exactly what they're told. They're hyper-aware of anything that smacks of insubordination and create environments where individual initiative is squelched by the "wait and see what the boss says" mentality.

Extraordinary bosses set a general direction and then commit themselves to obtaining the resources that their employees need to get the job done.

They push decision making downward, allowing teams form their own rules and intervening only in emergencies. Average bosses see employees as inferior, immature beings who simply can't be trusted if not overseen by a patriarchal management. Employees take their cues from this attitude, expend energy on looking busy and covering their behinds. Extraordinary bosses treat every employee as if he or she were the most important person in the firm.

Excellence is expected everywhere, from the loading dock to the boardroom. As a result, employees at all levels take charge of their own destinies. Average bosses see fear--of getting fired, of ridicule, of loss of privilege--as a crucial way to motivate people. As a result, employees and managers alike become paralyzed and unable to make risky decisions.