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She and her friends have learned to shape-shift, and have been prowling the night as wolves. But Daniel will slowly come to realise that such freedom comes at a price…. Ciara soon discovers just how the DJs maintain their cred: Suddenly a routine corporate takeover is a matter of life and un-death. Which makes her one bad-ass chick, all right. Nothing gets to her. Until she meets Tristan. But one thing she does know: But before they can start some chemistry of their own, they have to survive being trapped in an underground lab, hunted by a madman, and exposed to a plague that could destroy mankind.

Scion of the Fortune family and primary shareholder of the mega-conglomerate FortuneCorp, she is the Hand of Fate…or at least of the Home Office. But the colony is full of hidden danger. Her ability to love and trust will be sorely tested, especially in the clutches of her quarry, the Outlaw of Fresh Havens, her cyber-lover and now her enemy. Then her extravagant best friend hijacks the role of wedding coordinator, and the secretive Vampire Council assigns conniving Cornelia Ducharme to guide the couple through the ancient vampire marriage rituals.

When a series of accidents interferes with wedding plans, Oswald worries that Milagro is cracking under the pressure. Blood Lite — Kevin J. Not every alien is evil, but the ones who are keep Mia in business. I was enjoying this book, but then it took a turn for the worse. Namely, the romance subplot, and if you want to be specific: My suspension of disbelief only goes so far.

Does it count as Stockholm syndrome if you kind of fancied someone before they kidnapped you? Romance aside, this is a corker of a novel, and I plan to now dive straight into the second Alien Huntress book, Enslave Me Sweetly. Posted in Book Reviews , Gena Showalter. Tagged Awaken Me Darkly. Jill Kismet is a hunter, patrolling the night streets for hellbreed and other such naughty sorts, and dropping possessed hosts to the Catholic hospital for exorcisms.

This is relatively ordinary business, until cops are killed, and the stakes rise. Kick-arse heroine with a troubled past. On the road to redemption. And the warehouse-as-home is unique. Be sure to pay attention, and your reading experience will be much more fulfilling.

Posted in Book Reviews , Lilith Saintcrow.

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Cat with Books Posted on October 4, Leave a comment. But here there are: September Reads Posted on September 30, Leave a comment. In volume three… Bye Bye Bloodsucker: Charlie finds himself at the mercy of three curvy and bewitching mermaids who've sought him out in need of his help. But are they after more than just his assistance? Michael Howard is planning a leisurely afternoon, followed by a sultry night with new girlfriend, Emily Morgan. But during lunch with Anthony Jordan, infamous writer of The Modern Day Guide to the Supernatural, plans go awry, and Michael finds himself diving into the ocean to save a mermaid in distress.

Meanwhile, Melinda has to have an awkward conversation with William after their unexpected intimate moment the night before. A talk that only adds to her confusion. Does he have feelings for her, or not? She has no idea. And doesn't have the guts to ask him.

This is followed by a lunch date with the molasses eyed, say-everything-she-wants-to-hear, Riley. However, food is not on the menu… Melinda's web of secrets and lies begins to unravel and can lead to just one outcome: Kindle Edition , pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Bye Bye Bloodsucker , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Feb 27, Damian Southam rated it it was amazing. For Melinda, getting out of the house was an achievement in itself.

One of the tolls of her oracle sight produced the side effect of keeping outside stimulation to a minimum. Seeing things about the lives of people you possibly had no right to be involved in, produced a kind of agoraphobia that had teeth as sharp as any vampire or shifter living on The Demon Isle. She'd never have thought that after gaining a measure of control and acceptance of her gift, or curse depending on your perspective, For Melinda, getting out of the house was an achievement in itself.

Bloodsucking Fiends

She'd never have thought that after gaining a measure of control and acceptance of her gift, or curse depending on your perspective, would still mean getting out could be so exhausting. Although, this phenomenon should rightfully be put down to the vigor of shopping with best friend Emily, the holder of her brother's heart, for the necessary items of a successful date.

Preparing for a date requires a certain minimum standard, even if strictly speaking, certain intimate deeds had in just the past day, already been crossed off the list again, and again, and If only the repeated satiated need obtained with one new guy in her life, could've put the expected brakes on the dream fantasies over the other guy in her life, then she'd be a whole lot less confused about, if nothing else, what had caused the dreams to come no pun intended. Thankfully or not, Melinda would be afforded the circumstances to quickly forget her conundrum, for at least a little while, in the maelstrom that'd follow new information about the residents on the Isle.

It'd probably be more accurate to say that it was more a return to old information more so than strictly new ones, when Grace, the owner of their favourite cafe brought out their coffees with the unwelcome news of the return of a certain family responsible for altering the course of the Howard family legacy decades ago. Before Melinda could take much more than a sip of her favourite coffee, a blend that has just the perfect measures of coffee, cream, and sugar, to cause her taste buds to have their own little happy dance party in her mouth, Grace advises the Deanes return to their ancestral home.

The unexpected and potentially dangerous news that coincides with other developments as yet not linked together, given a massacre now seven decades past which caused the deaths of three Howard protectors and a slew of other islanders, the Deanes had left the Isle on pain of death should they remain, and the truth of their shame over a rising addiction from dabbling in the wrong sort of magical arts. Magic has always been an integrated part of life on the Isle, given a hotspot of raw magical essence that can be tapped, with it's only recently located wellspring kept secret by the Howard family throughout their history as Isle protectors.

Whilst in essence its true that magic is neutral - neither good nor evil - it nonetheless becomes black magic when its channeled and cast in purely destructive purposes that often revolve around the addictive desires of tainted magical practitioners who have unquenchable thirsts for increasing their power. When the Deanes had become entrenched at the pinnacle of their practices seventy years ago, arriving at their plans undertaken to overthrow the Howard legacy and take control of the Isle, as protectors it'd fallen on the shoulders of the Howard's to face off with the Deanes.

A magical face off resulting in the largest massacre in The Demon Isle's known history had resulted in the deaths of three Howards, two Deanes, plus a slew of innocents before a stoppage was successfully instituted by none other than the reserved and currently anguished family vampire warden, William. Presumably the departure of the Deanes had an implicit understanding of being permanent, particularly in keeping with the deaths promised by William should they return to live once again on the Isle, and yet here they were with a property showing all the hallmarks of becoming active again, and sightings of two young people claiming their Deane family heritage.

When they'd customed Grace's cafe that morning she'd overheard their hypothetical chatter about walking right up to the front door of the family mansion to bury the hatchet, so to speak. The first most important decision must be the consequences, if any, that are to be enforced given William's ultimatum should they attempt to return. This leads to deliberation over whether the current generations of the Deanes inheritance were still involved in the dark practices that began the family downfall.

Whether this could be ascertained or not, it did irrespectively lead to the moral debate over whether it was right or justified to blame a family's current generations for the deeds of the past they themselves have no part in or control over. Given William's drive for justice, and in refute of his promises to reap the lives of any Deanes returning to the Isle, the siblings do each rely on his judgement. In the Howard mansion, at such an early stage of traversing this new development, there's inevitably an absence of consensus. Perhaps because the news is still too new and fresh to be embroiled in anything other than emotions; which can hinder as easily as they help.

Interestingly enough, the one experiencing the greatest deliberation and competing claims is the only party with an actual history specifically relating to those events. Any Howard involved at the time, irrespective of whether they were a victim, is no longer alive anyway. Emily, like William, does also consider that the present generations may not be tarred with the same brush as those now deceased, but as she isn't yet an actual household member or Isle protector, regardless of her importance to the family, leaves her with a little less weighting of her stance.

The development cannot begin to be judged adequately at such an early juncture. More broadly, what their return might mean for the rest of the Isle, saying nothing of its considerable tourist population at any given time, is pure conjecture. Obviously a repeat of the past cannot be allowed to pass, but the Howards still have the obligations of being protectors; thankfully, at least one of the household members has recently become more impervious and formidable.

A gift afforded by the ring left him by his recently deceased transient lover, Nina. How permanent that development is, given the background manipulations of a recently saved 'victim' and her father, is as yet unknown.

With additional protection provided by the feature of the ring that permits it to only be removed voluntarily should offer confidence in it's protection, but Charlie is a sucker for a damsel in distress, he has the liability of having people he loves, and he doesn't know who actually knows about the ring. Liabilities often strengthen the capacity of people willing to use them as weapons or pawns against him.

Professional Samples – Tales from the Ragged Edge

So he'll need to keep his wits at all times, otherwise the ring coming into the Howard household could just as easily bring greater danger than that which it staves off. Eva and Anthony Jordan have already opened the door on the lengths they'll happily go to to achieve their goals. Poor sarcasm will be revealed Charlie has to obtain and maintain his restraint with two sisters mimicking well the nixie image of merfolk. That is, when he finds the respective mers, at their most attractive and playful stages of their lifespan, frolicking in the sprinkler outside the mansion.

Oh, did I mention naked curves on show. Even with the approaching setting sun making it a risky venture, two mer-sisters track him down to assist in alleviating the danger their third sister faces. They each must return to the sea before daylight expires and they're left indefinitely on two legs, never able to return to the sea again.

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And yet the two who seek out Charlie Howard knew of the protectors of The Demon Isle, and in particular are specifically looking for him. Unable to pass up their frolicking, or resist distractions that invoke the nixie outlook on life, including none other than the shiny things people wear, such as his new ring, its difficult to say the least in getting a straight answer.

For Charlie's sake he'll unknowingly need both his underlying wolf, who's resistant of its own accord to mer attributes, and the recently inherited ring to avoid their trademarked entrapment. Built perfectly to captivate beyond the point of common, or any sense for that matter, it is after all how they trap and drown sailors. It is with this in mind that the Wicked Good Witches franchise is shaping up to be a variable smorgasbord of the who's who of the supernatural community.

Each new book in the franchise, which might be considered a sequential serial given the multiple writers involved, has a chronological order which is better read in order because of the background plot which is supplemented by individual specific problems that happen in addition to core. At happy fun pack lengths the books are each covered in a few hours, whilst collectively the whole story is much more likened to epic fantasy lengths.

The core characters are rotated in real time with regard to changes in points of view that aren't separated as is most often the technique used. Actually, I have to say that it is seamless with nary a break between.

See a Problem?

This is definitely a technical masterpiece of the construction of the stories. The within chapter breaks aren't used in the usual functional capacities of alternating POV, they're more accurately chronological divisions of anything from a few hours to perhaps the next day at most. This prevents a break of any significant amount of time even between books, which pretty much take off in less than or up to a single day. The seamless move between POV in created by the mindset commentary and unique way of looking at things that differs between each of the characters.

Thus, within two to three sentences at most you know already who has taken the reigns. Oh, and for how much they do occur in the traditional sense of it when looking at fiction versus non fiction, there's always the shift from paragraph to paragraph that concrete the change. All in all I'm rather smitten in this technical aspect because it pays dividends to have stories considered from more than just the roles and profiles of differing characters, it adds more to have the depth that includes the unique outlooks of each character. Sometimes you get them in chapters, or by breakers within chapters, or sometimes as far as to have these benefits incorporated into completely separate companion novella and short stories.

The first and third of the aforementioned ways lose the real time components the most, with the last being little more than not being at all. The second is the better of those three, but to get it completely integrated as in this serial is the pantheon. That being said, it isn't entirely unique but it definitely seamless and done with class. I've read hundreds, maybe thousands of books and I'm going to remember how many other times, or the frequency I've encountered before.

Off the top of my head, which I'll admit isn't an overly reliable measure, there's a point where once you've read over a certain number of stories it can get harder instead of easier to separate them all, but I nonetheless cannot think of a readily available other example of it being done so well.

Needless to say the franchise is an outstanding example and an extremely well priced option in its box set format; one I'd recommend wholeheartedly even though I'm only now going onto the fourth book in the ten pack. Every character brings unique aspects and dimensions to allow the stories to well and truly be encountered in full. The adult aspects are steamy but classy and without the crass that sometimes be encountered in the uncut versions of stories.

Then there's always the We Witches Three version which has clean edits on the respective scenes. Having actually read both versions in the first applicable book I can also say that another uncommon and positive aspect is that the uncut versions aren't simply just the R-rated telling of the same scenes, it does differ in slight but noticeable ways by being able to explore aspects that couldn't be if it were just a matter of describing the intimate bits of the romance in finer detail.

Great reading at even double the price, outstanding at it's existing one. Dec 17, Jackie rated it liked it Shelves: Least favorite story of the three. Jul 30, Jewel Prescott rated it it was amazing. The characters are awesome and you can not help but to fall in love with them. The plot is fast paced and makes it hard to but the book down before it is finished.

Jun 13, Debbie Chittenden rated it really liked it Shelves: It's not like I didn't see some of this coming. I already feel Melinda's pain. This will only cause a backslide for her, I'm afraid. Well at least Michael and Emily are good. Aug 14, Beth Wilson rated it liked it. Decent I like the characters and, the storyline is intriguing.

I love books about the supernatural. The writing style is not one that I usually prefer. Feb 05, Cat rated it really liked it. I have read books but I want to read every book in the series. Aug 13, Anita Hargreaves rated it really liked it. Cliff hanger Got 3 books free on Amazon and hopefully in the future will continue this series. Very intriguing, full if mystery. Awesome story Another very action packed and entertaining self-contained story yet part of a series.

Well written and very enthralling to read. Mar 24, Sadie Forsythe rated it it was ok. Things I found to be true about all three books I read: Lastly, none of the books stand on their own. They are closer to long serial installments than books in a series. I'v Things I found to be true about all three books I read: I've said in the review of each book in this series I read that the language around sex was cheesy. I never knew so very many things could be described as lusty'lusty breaths,''lust steps,' 'flesh,' 'throb,' 'fire,' 'pants,' 'shiver,' 'sting.

It's used a lot. But Bye Bye Bloodsucker also included what I'm convinced is the worst line in a long line of lines involving too many occurrences of peaches, peaks and fuzzy I've ever read in a sex scene. He groaned, the limp worm swimming in her hot peach, tickling her insides with sudden girth.

On man, that is SO bad. Most the scenes seemed to be of the same sort of tone. I read it to my husband and he just stared at me until the moment stretched so long and we both burst out laughing. While with the previous two books I was kind of so-so, but never really put off, this one never made the grade for me. I was just reading it to have finished the box set. It even ended on a twist you can see coming from the first chapter. It stayed with the women are klutzy, trouble magnets with little intelligence theme the mermaids were the worst. There was too much happening and not enough tension allowed to build, such that I never really cared and again, the book ended with most the threads still open.

We were just basically given the same happy ending as we'd been given at the conclusion of book one. Nov 16, Amy H rated it it was amazing Shelves: Thank you book lending so I can read this book This book is very easy to follow and doesn't switch POV in middle of the sentence This story is mostly about Michael and his girlfriend Emily.

Michael has a lunch date with the paranormal writer and is fan-girling over the chance to spend time with him. Emily was going to eat dinner with her dad, but decided to have dinner so she could meet him as well. Things were going great unt OMG this ending!!!! Things were going great until Michael noticed a problem in the water. A mermaid was dying!! Emily got the short end of the stick and got changed into a mermaid.

She has until sunset to be fixed or she will be stuck like that forever and only being able to come on land once a month. Melinda has to face william about what happen between them and William made sure to let her know that their is nothing between them. William does really like Melinda, but will not let that happen. Melinda is still head over heals in love with this guy Riley.

Riley told Melinda that he wants honesty between them because they love each other. Charlie still is having issues with this new alpha wolf. Emily comes to his rescue and they figure out why all this is happening right at the same time.. Aug 09, Darlene rated it really liked it Recommends it for: The rest will have to wait until my finances settle after our move.